7 Types of Tool and Safety Equipment to Ensure Personnel Safety

Ensuring safety of employees is an important task for employers and industries. It is a duty of employers to create a safe working environment for the workers and ensure their fullest safety. Every employer is aware of risks in their industry and measure to prevent these risks.

However there are some common and important safety tools that applies for almost every industry and protects important part of human body at workplaces.

Lets discuss some important tools briefly:

· Protection for the Head: wearing a better quality helmets offers protection from most of the head injuries. With many types of the helmets available these days with variation such as adjustable interior bands, better suspension systems and much more, select a helmet which suits working conditions and needs of your employees.

· Safety of Eyes: With many cases of eyes injury mainly linked to chemical eye burns, invasion of foreign bodies, blunt trauma injuries, allergic conjunctivitis, ultraviolet radiation exposure diseases, safety of eyes must be ensured well In advance for employees. With wide range of advanced eyewear glasses designed for every industrial need select the one which suits your workplace.

· Hearing Safety: Of all the physical ailments found in the factory workers, hearing is one of the most common issues and therefore noise protection is must. Wearing sturdy earmuffs and noise cancellation headphones can definitely lessen the chances of noise injury.

· Maintaining a Good Respiration: Maintaining a good respiration system by wearing a good safety mask is a must. A high portion of employees inhale vapours, smoke, powder or dusk while performing their job. Using dust masks or full face masks as per your industry requirement protect the nose and mouth against harmful pollution.

· Protecting Hands with Gloves: According to CDC, hands and fingers are the most common body parts injured at work. These gloves are used for different applications mainly protection against vibrations, protection against cuts, protection against cold or heat, protection against bacteriological risks, protection against splashes from diluted chemicals.

· Protection for the feet: 16.2% of all industrial accidents are caused by tripping or sliding and therefore it is important to protect your feet by wearing a good gripping boot or shoes. They come in varied types and in order to ensure safety environment for your workers select the one which suits your workplace.

· The Correct Working cloth: A high visibility jacket made of strong fabric is good enough to ensure the safety of employees. These clothing are manufactured according to various working environment and therefore must be selected cautiously.

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