7 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s day is a beautiful day that comes every year. Equally, it’s a day where love lives are put on display. Many times, it can be confusing or complicated, but at the end of the day, it’s all about love and romance. Often, many ask what should you do on this day? Since every couple is unique, there are various thoughts and ways to celebrate this day. So, if you are looking for some great ideas to put a smile on your partner’s face and melt their heart. You can try some unique ideas based on their interests and hobbies and double this bonding opportunity for you and your partner. Here’s a list of ideas to make this celebration special. Let’s have a look. 

Recreate your first date

This is a good Valentines Day Gifts and is rated high on the scale of the romantic gesture. But it requires a good memory and a bit of hard work to make it happen right. You can walk down the streets where you first met or have a couple of drinks in that old restaurant where you had your first drinks together. Also, don’t be afraid to spend an extra amount and add a little gift to make this extra special. Check for some unique gifting ideas on online portals, commercial platforms, or do a bit of research. 

Cook for your bestie

If food is something which enthuses you and your partner then you will fall in this category. On this day you can surprise your foodie partner by making their favorite foods and desserts. Start searching good recipes for a romantic dinner for two, get the right ingredients, and prepare a couple of mouth-watering dishes. And take it up a notch by dressing classy, decorating your dining room, and presenting your better half with a printed menu. 

Go for a walk on the beach

Well, this is a simple, classic idea. But, it’s still so romantic. You can take a stroll around the beach. But if you don’t have a lakeshore nearby it’s okay. Instead, you can go outdoors and find somewhere fascinating to take a stroll. Just check around and you may even discover some new walking trails or lovely parks to walk through. If you wish you can make it a full day tour and pack a picnic lunch. 


Shopping is even more interesting and a form of stress buster, especially when done with your dear ones. So, if you are a shopaholic couple who looks excuses to shop together take your bestie on a shopping spree. It’s a great celebration idea for you two. Besides, you can also browse some online Valentine Gifts portal and order some rare and thoughtful gift for your lady love. 

Dance the night away

If you and your love are relatively good dancers or simply enjoy moving your body to the rhythm of any music. Then a night at a dance club or similar venue is the perfect thing for you. Alternatively, you can plan a dance floor at home, playing your favorite songs and music. You can also spice it up wearing new model clothes and dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

A romantic getaway in the mountains

This one is good for couples looking for a change of scenery and an escape from the busty city. You can plan a quiet romantic weekend in the mountains. There are plenty of fun activities like skiing, making a snowman, or engaging in snowball fights. Likewise, you can carry a bottle of wine along with a box of homemade chocolates and wait to watch the perfect moment when the sky turns fiery red. 

Horse riding

Horse riding is incredibly fun, especially if are doing it for the first time. It promotes a good bonding experience and evokes a sense of nobility among the couples. 

Final verdict

This is a special day to show appreciation for your better half or dear ones. You can pick any of these above-mentioned ideas to celebrate valentine’s day and celebrate your day proudly. 

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