7 Ways to Find a Reliable China Supplier

Every enterprise has its business structure and needs that call for different products and services. Therefore, businesses must find various suppliers that will help fulfill business goals. One thing to note is suppliers will vary depending on the location and costs. China has become the global supplier for raw materials and products, and it is pretty challenging to find a supplier.

Considering the number of people always on the lookout for products, some cons hide behind their computers to scam businesses in the name of suppliers. Below are seven ways you can find a reliable China supplier.

Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Search engines like Google are the best place to start when looking for reliable China suppliers. Most suppliers have websites in both English and Chinese that can help you gauge their authenticity. If you cannot find genuine suppliers, you will be directed to certified agents who directly link you to suppliers.

Business-to-business platforms (B2B)

Chinese suppliers are largely available on B2B platforms like Made-in-China, Alibaba, and Global Sources. These suppliers have their catalogs updated regularly, and you can use the search option for a targeted product search. However, it helps if you were careful when using these platforms to avoid getting scammed. A reliable supplier will also send samples to help you buy direct from China.

Trade fairs

The common fair trades for dining reliable China suppliers include Global Sources and Canton Fairtrade shows. These trade shows are valuable because they help you discover products you can buy direct from China that are not yet released to the market. You can also meet manufacturers, freight managers, or FBA inspectors with who you can build relationships.

Sourcing agents

A China sourcing agent is beneficial when looking for products built under a specific process to meet personalized standards. China-based agents visit factories to inspect quality control and communicate client specifications closely.

These agents understand the local language and can engage the suppliers, reducing the language barrier. Therefore, an agent will ensure you and the supplier are on the same page before you buy direct from China.

Industry networks

Your business contacts can be beneficial when looking for reliable China suppliers. Your close associates, family, friends, or colleagues may have worked with a supplier that you can trust with your job. Ask for connections and contacts, whether with go-betweens, manufacturers, and agents who have leads. You can also check with local trade bodies for the right directions and contacts. Sometimes who you know can be more valuable than what you know.

Social Networks

The current digital world has made it easy for clients to reach Chinese suppliers. Spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can bring you closer to reliable China suppliers who have verified company profiles.


Most people in China use Baidu, whether for business or personal purposes. This platform also provides a translation tool to help you find suppliers on Alibaba or Google. If they are promising, you can proceed to buy direct from China. You will also access corporate information regarding their compliance and legitimacy.

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