7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing

In the realm full of inbound marketing, combining tactics procures marketers with tremendous leverage. Regardless, combining tactics can be really difficult because individual marketing tactics sometimes exist in silos with some alliance. This is true especially when you talk about combining search engine optimization, and email marketing.

7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing

Search engine optimization is a strong source of traffic and is very crucial for every website. And email marketing is the main lead generation channel for many companies. We know that both of these tools work great individually. However, they feel some thrilling amplification when integrated. Here are a few ways we can combine SEO and Email Marketing to generate more leads.

1. Distribute Link Building Content Through Email

Indeed, email is mainly about lead generation. But search engine traffic can also deliver a constant flow of quality leads over time. Several companies still have email marketing as their biggest channel for marketing reach.

Emailing lead generation-based offers is a great idea, but you can also try circulating content like infographics or amazing blog posts sometimes through email. This can enhance the reach and, thereafter, the inbound links and authority of the pages where that content exists. In the future, you can change the content of the page with an incredible lead generation offer to leverage all the traffic the page is getting.

2. Optimize for the Best Lead Generation Topics

Check your email data and find out which offers and topics have the best open and click-through rates. If you have the experience of email marketing, then you must have huge data related to your lead generation efforts. With this data, prioritize your search engine optimization efforts. Alongside, optimize for the top-performing keywords and offers from your email campaigns.

3. Test Offer Conversion Before an Email Send

Use the traffic from search engines, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and your blog to check the conversion rate of the landing page and the offer. With this data, you can create tweaks and make improvements in the content or its landing page before sending it out to your list.

4. Use PPC to Boost Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)

When you plan for your next big email send for lead generation, make sure you plan a PPC campaign that starts the day before the email is sent and lasts a few days after the email is sent. This will help deliver extra support for the email and its offer. Also, the awareness constructed through these PPC ads can increase click-through rates for your emails.

5. Search Engine Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are the secret to your inbound marketing success and there is no point in hiding them. Make sure that apart from sending them in marketing emails, you carefully optimize the content of your landing pages for search engines. Put gorgeous page titles, use a good URL structure, and appropriate copy optimized with keywords on the page itself.

6. Focus on Email Sharing for Link Building

To build links for search engine optimization, you need to make your content appear in front of as many people as possible. Just sending out content to build links is not sufficient. Rather, use social sharing links in the content you are promoting in your email. Also, put a short message encouraging the viewers to forward the email to their friends.

7. Use PPC to Test Email Subject Lines

What you put in the subject line plays an important part in email marketing success. Rather than just using any subject line that comes in your mind, use PPC to collect data on subject line options. Try to device at least five subject lines. Then, run a different PPC ad for each subject line. After you have enough data, check them and determine which subject line had the highest click-through rate, and then use it for your email.

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