GreenTree Electronics LTD. is a Leading Distributor of Electronic Components Manufacturers and Test Lab. For over 20 years in the electronic industry, they are providing electronic components and services to global industries.

GreenTree Electronics is an expert in offering traceable and authenticated electronic components, directly from manufacturers and global networking franchised distributors.

  • FPGA: A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is a user-programmed and designed IC. It contains a set of programmable logic blocks in arrays that are connected by using a hierarchy of reconfigurable interconnects. The main objective of FPGA is to perform logic combinations and arithmetic functions up to complex algorithms.
  • Integrated Circuits: GreenTree Electronics offers a brand portfolio of Integrated Circuits of the world’s leading manufacturers with expertise in Micro-Processors and DSP for Networking, Embedded systems, Imaging, and Video.
  • Memories: GreenTree Electronics offers Memories that include Volatile and non-Volatile IC’s and Memory modules of world-leading manufacturers: Micron, Nanya, Samsung, PSC, Infineon, Kingston, IDT, ISSI, Hitachi, Cypress, NEC, and Toshiba.
  • ElectroMechanic: GreenTree Electronics offers a wide range of Connectors and Passive components which are applicable for almost any application and board design, as Telecommunication, Industrial, Consumer electronics, Data storage, Computers, Embedded devices, Automotive, Military, and more.

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