8 Best Alternatives for Pulse SMS in 2019

Pulse is a popular messaging app that allows users to send and receive SMS from any device. The users just need to link their phone number, and then they can use their Wearable, tab, or web browser to manage their messages. If you are looking for more apps like Pulse, then you are in the right place.

Here are the best alternatives for Pulse SMS app.

  • Zero SMS

Zero SMS is one of the most lightweight private messaging apps that offers a flawless messaging experience. This app is light yet extremely powerful and has the potential of replacing the default messaging app. If you find your current texting app boring, then you should switch to this app/ You can also put all of your confidential chats in a private box to keep them secure.

  • Material Messaging

Material Messaging is an amazing communication application that allows users to send and receive messages using the amazing UI while providing them full control over all the aspects of their messaging experience. This app is clean and functions very well. It comes with several features that other SMS apps lack. If you want a unique SMS app, then Material Messaging is your best bet.

  • Twinme

Twinme is a private messenger that protects the user’s privacy and gives them complete control over their relationships and content. This app transforms the handheld device into a phone without a phone number. Users do not need any login credentials, etc. Using the data connection, users can send and receive texts along with audio and video calls.

  • Mysms

Mysms is a family of apps that assist users in texting anywhere and improves their messaging experience. Users just have to download and install this app on their Android phone. And they can send texts on their computer from app.mysms.com. They can also get the native desktop app. It allows users to control their Android message notifications on their computers and tablets.

  • FLiPSi

FLiPSi is yet another robust SMS app that is popular amongst users. It is a comprehensive messaging app that is packed with the perks of social networks along with messengers in a single platform. The app is available for free, and it does not contain those annoying ads. If you are looking for an app that consolidated all the popular social networks and messengers like SMS, Yahoo, etc., then you should get this app.

  • Textra SMS

Textra SMS app is an incredibly fast and customizable app available on Android. This app comes with an app lock that enables you to keep your messages and conversations private and secure. You can customize your selected theme and bubble color along with signs and notifications per contact. It is also completely compatible with Android Wear and Android Auto.

  • Messenger for SMS

Messenger for SMs is amongst the top-rated messaging apps. The best thing about this app is that it is loaded with innumerable themes, fonts, wallpapers, tones, etc. This way, you have a lot of options for customizing your messaging experience.  This app allows users to send over 300 emoticons, Lenny Faces, etc.

  • Messages

Messages is a refreshing app that comes with a powerful and responsive interface. This application not only enhances the texting experience but also adds in the excitement factor. If you love to chat endlessly with your peers, then you must get this app.

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