8 Best Games to Play on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, the hybrid handheld gaming console has gone through a long journey of innovations and has been established as one of the best gaming platforms where you can enjoy plenty of thrilling games. Nintendo proposes not only made modifications in the hardware, but it worked a lot on design, style, and graphics to give the gamers an ultimate user experience, which has finally helped this gaming console to get recognition. If you are a fan of online games, then you must be thinking about the games to play on Nintendo Switch. Here, we have listed 8 best games to play on Nintendo Switch.


  1. Pokémon Sword and Shield: The game has been made interesting by the developer with the introduction of new multiplayer surprised battles and an open-ended wild area where you could explore a lot, and not only this, the games become more attractive due to a new way of playing style.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: The story of this game lets you to another kingdom instead of Hyrule, which has many secret passages and underground prisons. The responsibility to protect this new kingdom(Koholint Island) is on a peculiar character, The Wind Fish. You can understand the game easily once you start playing; however, it is brainstorming too.
  3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The game is based on tactical strategies where you have to choose your house, and this will let you create the whole approach to make a balanced team around which the game will revolve. When it comes to selecting the home to initiate the game, you can go with your favourite characters of the game and focus on getting more points for which you want to eat and cook with students and also can invite someone to tea among the characters.
  4. Ring fit adventure: This game is quite fitness-oriented and equally impressive, too, as it allows you to choose your difficulty level and adjusts the workouts accordingly. The game keeps track of your actual active time when you have done some exercise, and also you can get to know your heart rate. Ring Fit adventure has several features that have to make it more impressive such as availability of options of Quickplay, custom workouts, and multitask mode.
  5. Super Mario Maker2: This game is not only inspiring but adventurous too, as it kept on adding more enemies to further stages and giving you more thrill. You can get the information about the playing style by going through the simple tutorial and in the built considerable game manual, which lets you know everything about the pacing behaviour of players.
  6. The Witcher 3: The game based on the fantasy will let you to the world of adventure by giving the experience of extraordinary graphics, astonishing game style, accomplished story along with magnificent music, and unforgettable characters. You can play the game anywhere as Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console, and its outstanding visuals are capable of holding you for the long.
  7. Luigi’s Mansion 3: The plot of this game revolves around the brother of Mario, who is rescuing his friends from a haunted hotel, and so it is an action-oriented game. You have to defeat the ghosts or save the toads from getting victorious or having to fulfill other objectives.
  8. Untitled Goose Game: The adventure to fight with a notorious goose who is busy creating mischief for the people is very much exciting and thrilling. Here, in this game, you will find how could a small goose be so frightening for the people as he uses to steal their crops and other things.

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