8 Best Subreddits to Subscribe to on Reddit

If you use Reddit you must know how vast the Reddit community is. Reddit is also one of the oldest social media apps where registered members post facts, photos, memes, etc. However, many Reddit users have no idea about the number of subreddits where they can find ample topics to read about. The long list of subreddits includes almost everything starting from technology, environment, history, games, memes, and whatnot. But we won’t put you through so much hassle to scroll down the entire list and fight the right one. Rather, we have for you 8 best subreddits you should definitely subscribe on Reddit.

1. TodayILearned

Fascinated with ‘Did you know’ facts? This one’s for you mate! It’s a subreddit where people share their knowledge. You can get to know about various interesting facts and can surely learn many new things. It’s great to boost your general knowledge. This is one of the best knowledgeable subreddit to follow.

2. Explain Like I’m Five

Want to learn something more than just facts? We got you. This is a subreddit where you can learn various skills, tasks, and other things. As the name suggests, people in this community will teach you things in the most simple way. It is always the answer to your boredom. Satisfy the curious kid inside you by subscribing to this subreddit.

3. DIY

The DIY community will help you make every small and big thing on your own. Be it a craft item, or a utility thing, you can learn it here. All you need to do is just put your query here and the people in the community will surely help you out. You can check out life hacks, gift ideas, best of waste, or any such thing here.

4. IAmA

IAmA (Ask me anything) is a subreddit where renowned people and celebrities come to take part in ‘ask me anything’ rounds. Here, you can ask anything to your choice of actor, author, or artist. People famous for possessing a particular skill assemble here to answer your questions. Do subscribe to this if you like interacting with different groups of people to gain knowledge.

5. Facepalm

You must have seen funny and weird posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We can say that this subreddit is a place that brings them all together to make you facepalm. You can just kill your time sitting and scrolling through all the funny posts and laugh your heart out.

6. Wholesome Memes

Do you believe that memes are your happy place? Then subscribe to this subreddit for amazingly funny memes collection. It’s the ultimate place for all meme gods. Laugh around your room with Wholesome Memes subscribed on Reddit on your phone.

7. 100 Years Ago

Ever wondered what exactly happened 100 years ago from this date? Well, this subreddit will give you the answers. It’s quite fun to dig into history and find out answers to our question. This has to be the favorite subreddit of a history fan. Are you one?

8. Sketch Daily

A fun subreddit for art lovers out there. If you love sketching and drawing, go ahead and follow Sketch Daily. You’ll get fun and different themes every day to draw on and share your artwork with everyone. We are sure you’ll get much appreciation.

This isn’t the end guys, these are the best 8 according to us out of thousands of subreddits. Explore now and don’t forget to subscribe to these.

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