8 Costly Solar Mistakes to Avoid When You Design Your System

Solar panels can save you a ton. If you’re ready to get yours installed, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Sidestep the following costly mistakes to keep from throwing money down the drain. 

Installation Mistakes 

You’ve seen plenty of YouTube tutorials. You’ve seen the manual. You want to take on the installation task. But it’s best if you ditch the DIY approach and let an expert handle this instead. Hire a solar installation company in Peoria to install the panels for you. 

Not Understanding Your Options 

Some homeowners think grid-tie solar and off-grid are the same. They aren’t. Knowing your options and fully understanding what those options mean and entail, what arrangements they come with, will help you figure out the best way to go about getting those panels up on your roof. 

Wrong Size

Is the solar panel system big enough to handle the power needs of your household? If the system is much too small, that’s not going to be efficient. You need a solar power solution that generates enough electricity to keep your property running. It would be best to hire a service provider. Consult with the firm’s solar design tech expert to get an idea of what your options are and to make sure you’re getting a system that’s just the right size for your home or office. Make sure you ask about its efficiency rating. Also, have the panels been tested in different climate conditions? How much energy do the panels generate even when the weather isn’t hot and sunny outside? Don’t forget to check the size of the battery bank, as well. 

Prevents Power Outages

That’s one of the myths that people still believe in. Yes, it’s true that you are generating your own energy with a solar panel system. That means your lights should keep even when there’s a blackout, right? Not quite, since for options that come with grid-tied solar systems, the power is still stored in the public utility grid. That means that when there’s an outage, you’ll be affected too. You could fix this problem, though, by going for a gird tied system with a battery backup. By believing in the wrong things, you could set yourself up for a costly mistake. Knowing what’s fact from fiction will prevent slipups that cost you money. 

Not Doing the Math 

A lot of people think switching to solar panels is much too expensive. Yes, you need to spend on upfront costs. But once you get started, once you start powering your entire household, you’ll be saving up so much more money. You’ll recoup the amount that you spent on the panels soon enough. Also, governments offer tax perks that could save you thousands. Learn more about that, so you can do the math and see why it’s a sound long-term option. 

Not Planning Ahead

Do you have enough space? Check your roof? If it’s in bad shape, it’s better to replace the roof before you install any panels. 

Get your solar panel solution up. Find out how to prevent costly mistakes, though, before you do. 

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