8 DIY Halloween Car Decorations That’ll Scare Away Your Boredom

Well if you’re not going trick or treating this year, you might as well decorate your car to freak out your neighbors and show them that yes, you are still into Halloween even though it’s the middle of November. Here are 8 easy to make DIY halloween decorations that will have your friends and family doing double takes! From the witchy to the spooky, here are some fun and easy Halloween car decorations you can make from things in your house!

1) Turn old Halloween car decorations into new ones

8 DIY Halloween Car Decorations That’ll Scare Away Your Boredom
8 DIY Halloween Car Decorations That’ll Scare Away Your Boredom

Halloween car decorations don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out these 8 easy, cheap ideas that will make your car the talk of the town.

Old wreaths are an excellent base for DIY Halloween car decorating projects. You can simply paint them black and add fake spider webs or repaint them white to create a ghostly decoration with eyeballs in addition to spiders! If you’re looking for an even cheaper project, try spray painting pine cones to look like gummy bears! Or, transform crayon drawings into road trip art by pasting them on pieces of poster board and hanging them from your rearview mirror!

2) Get a festive start with creepy cartoon faces

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I am not one of those people that goes completely over the top with their Halloween decorating. I just like to have something around the house, and a couple on the windows. For our vehicles though, I really go all out because they are visible to the public. This year I decided to decorate a full sized white van in three distinct ways that ranged from budget-friendly halloween decorations for car items to more intense scare tactics.

3) Add color with glow sticks

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Car decor for halloween is a great idea, but if you’re not too keen on spending money then it’s no big deal! All you need are some cheap and easy supplies that won’t break the bank. One of the best ideas is to add color to your car with glow sticks.

4) Use fake blood to create an unexpected pop of color

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Take your house and vehicle Halloween decoration to the next level with fake blood and a variety of different colors. Fake blood is simple, inexpensive, and will add an unexpected pop of color to any Halloween car decorations. This is also a great option for children who are involved in the Halloween fun since fake blood won’t cause as much mess as other materials. There are a variety of methods you can use to create your bloody car masterpiece!

5) A dash of glitter goes a long way

In the spirit of Halloween, here are 8 DIY Halloween car decorations you can make for a fraction of the price. It’s easy to find supplies and every one is different, so you can mix them up with your friends. These decorations won’t scare away your boredom on those long drives back from school or work.

6) Use doilies and linens to create spooky silhouettes

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Decorate your car with these easy and spooky Halloween car decorations that are both fun to create and won’t cost you a thing! All you need is some doilies and linens, scissors, tape and markers or crayons. Start by cutting out shapes in the desired sizes from the linen and then taping them to the windows of the car. Next, use the markers or crayons to draw patterns on top of them. Add an extra scary touch by drawing dark outlines around each shape on the windows so they stand out against their ghostly white background. These halloween car decorations can also be used inside homes as well if you’re running low on space for fall decorating ideas!

7) Print scary images onto paper lanterns

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Print scary images onto paper lanterns and hang them on your car. Easy, cheap, and effective!

Cut out a jack-o-lantern shape from black construction paper. Tape it to the back of your headrest. It will create a scary face when you’re driving at night. Use this technique for other holiday decorations as well: Easter eggs, Christmas ornaments, etc.

8) Go simple with windshield markers and flashlights

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