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Although the four-dimensional guard of the Carolina Black Leopard did not wear “S” clothes, he rescued a lady from the mud, and there was no signature action. This behavior is a pure heroism. Because of the continuous rainstorm in the Pulkenes region, the road is muddy. It is reported that Newton is seen from the mud from the mud.

The management of the ram will apparently believe that Donald should get the top payable of the league. In an interview, www.Internetsalta.Com Snide accidentally admitted that Donald’s salary will exceed his new teammukong suh, which has become the highest salary defenders.

At present, the union has the highest extensive Antonio Brown an average annual salary of $ 17 million, and recent four-point guards, the highest salary player, the average annual salary of Derek Carr, is 25 million US dollars.

Beckham’s basic salary of the last year of the rookie contract was 18.39 million US dollars. Subsequently because the giants have implemented his fifth year contract option, he will receive 84.59 million US dollars in the next season.

This is the third time, the third time I have held a game on Tuesday night. In the fifth week of this season, Bill and Titan’s competition were once changed from Tennessee’s epidemic. In the 2010 season, the Blizzard in Philadelphia once led to the Eagle and Viking’s game to be held on Tuesday.

Norman believes that NFL will suffer seriously in the next five years.
There are also five years of NFL and cheap nfl jerseys from china players will negotiate again, Josh Norman, believes that everything will become very bad in these five years.

Spagno said: “I believe in me, he has all the techniques needed for four-dimensional bathroom. In addition, he is a brave competitor, which is a necessary condition for the elite quarter-off. He likes to accept challenges, Trust teammates, very high-aspigenic business, talking about the eagle’s unconventional offense, Spagno believes that Bradford can adapt very well: “He has the best arm of the league, stronger than imagination. He is very suitable for this offensive system. I believe that he must succeed. ”

As a homony opponent, Spagno is expected to play two times in the new season and Bradford. Although Spagno is not a word of praise for this previous disciples, he seems to be confident in how to guard him.

In fact, the negotiations of the two were ultimately NFL occupied advantages, which can be seen from the Roger Goodell, Chairman Roger Goodell in the past few years, and at least players do not appreciate this strong wrist.

US time, NFL officially announced that the crow and steel people will be changed to the Eastern Tuesday afternoon (China Time 9:00). Accordingly, the cowboy and the crow have been changed to 15 pm on Monday.

Whether Beckham signed a new contract, this will affect other young proximity. But it is worth looking forward to whether he really can become the highest salary. After all, he was shocked by us before.

External handle Beckham hopes to become the highest salary player
On July 28th, he will become a free player even after two seasons, Odell Beckham. He has clearly said that he wants to get a big contract.

Crows and steel people are mainly held at Thanksgiving Evening, but after the multi-player detects positive and delayed. At least 12 players have now detected positive, including last year’s regular mvppar-Jackson (Lamar Jackson). The four-point guards, Robert, Griffin III, will play a debut of the crow.

Giant coach: Bradford will succeed in the eagle
The quarter-saving problem of Philadelphia eagle still did not get resolved after a few months, but now, Sam Bradford is most likely to be a team of team. . At the 2010 season, St. Louis ram, New York Giants Defense Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said in an interview that Bradford has the ability to succeed in the eagle.

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