8 Horror Films Where Actors Were Intentionally Harmed

In the career of an actor, things like getting obsessed with a character or intentionally being harmed are very common. Most of the time, an actor hurts himself by doing a stunt or such kinds of activities. Sometimes they feel intentionally being harmed. It is most common in horror movies that the actors are being harmed. In most of the cases, directors intentionally hurt the actors, just to take out the original and sudden reaction to shoot for a particular scene.

Here we will discuss eight horror movies where actors were intentionally harmed.

Skinned Deep

Skinned Deep was a horror movie that was released in 2004. The movie was not a big hit on the box office and left a negative impact on the viewers. The plot of the movie was not apparent, and hence it did not receive positive reviews. So, the actor in the film was not happy with the kind of result he got.

8 Horror Films Where Actors Were Intentionally Harmed

The Exorcist

The Exorcist was one of the best horror movies so far. It gained fame very soon after the release of this movie. William Friedkin directed it. Ellen Burstyn played the role of Chris MacNeil in the film, The Exorcist. During a stunt, a harness was tied to Chris, and she requested the stuntman to pull little slowly, but instead of this, she was pulled with more force, and she landed on her back. To record the original reaction of Chris, the director Friedkin focused on recording the response of Burstyn even before calling the doctors.

Evil Dead

In the movie Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell played the role of Ash. Accidently, his ankle gets twisted. His co-stars, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert were joking with Bruce by hitting his ankle with a stick. It caused a limp, which was visible in his move also. Later, Bruce disclosed that they are good friends and were just joking with Bruce.

An American Werewolf In London

An American Werewolf In London is another super-hit horror movie in Hollywood. In this movie, there was a scene where Griffin Dunne, who played the role of Jack and David Naughton, who played the role of David, both were instructed by Rick Baker, who was from the special effect designer team that they would be attacked by a werewolf. Baker instructed Griffin to be careful with the werewolf head, but unfortunately, it did not go the way baker wanted. So, he fought with Griffin, but later they revealed that it was in a friendly environment.


Hereditary is one of the scariest horror movies. In this film, Alex Wolff played the role of Peter. He is possessed and bangs his head on the desk when he is sitting in the class. Alex was instructed that the upper portion of the desk was made with soft cushions, but he was unaware of the bottom part. When he banged his nose on the desk, he, unfortunately, dislocated his jaw.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was directed by Tobe Hooper. During the making of this movie, many actors were harmed intentionally. Gunner Hansen played the role of Leatherface, and Marilyn Burns played the role of Sally. There is a scene in which everyone is having dinner. Gunner was instructed to cut Sally’s finger, and the production team was supposed to take the fake blood out from a tube, but somehow they failed in taking out the fake blood. So, Gunner cut the finger of Sally in reality to take the shot.

The Shining

The Shining is another famous movie in Hollywood. It is directed by Stanley Kubrick. The actress Shelley Duvall played the role of Wendy Torrence. Kubrick was not impressed with the acting of Duvall and made her perform retakes again and again. It made Duvall depress, and she started losing her hair.

The Birds

The Birds is a very famous classic Hollywood movie. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The lead actress of this movie, Tippi Hedren, was known to be in a relationship with the director Alfred. This is the reason why Alfred started taking advantage of Tippi and forced her for the real and original shot that included the scene where the panes of glass cut her face.

By the above discussion, we can say that the actors and the actresses are being harmed intentionally and unintentionally also. The fact depends upon the situation and the bond everyone shares on the set of a movie.

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