8 Mistakes You Should Avoid in a College Essay

Struggling to write an effective college application essay?

Making a lot of mistakes while writing your essay?

While you can’t avoid writing a college essay, you can avoid these common mistakes while writing an essay.

Bad Topics selection

The fundamental way to ruin a do my paper is to choose a bad or wrong topic. The topic selection plays a major role in college essay, it is the first thing that an admission officer is going to see. The topic gives a clear idea of what your essay is about. Additionally, the whole essay will revolve around the selected topic. Therefore, if you have chosen a bad topic, there is no chance you are going to write a good college essay.

The topic is the place to let the admission officer know your unique personality, talents, character, and skills that aren’t available on your transcript. Hence, if you have chosen a wrong topic, you not only end up with a lousy essay but also risk ruining the impression that your essay is going to make.



Unlike the essay you were writing in your high school where the idea of essay was to analyze things other than yourself, the main concept of the college essay should revolve around you, your personality, your accomplishments, your goals, your talents, and your future plans.

Writing about someone else or something else could make a great essay but it is a good idea to show yourself in college essays.


Poor Execution

Sometime, even a good story won’t be able to impress the admission officer, because the thoughts are not well executed in the essay. a good story requires good execution. If you are unable to present your thoughts in a logical flow, you are going to ruin your perfect story.

The execution and flow of the essay show the admission officer the maturity and clarity of your writing style. The way you structured and organized your essay gives a clear understanding of how well your writing skills are.


Too Boring or Cliché

A college essay is like a story, and you definitely want to make your story interesting enough that an admission officer sets back and read it completely. To make yourself memorable to the admission officer, you definitely want to show yourself as an interesting and unique person.

Admission officers read plenty of college essay every semester, they are already tired of reading the same stories and same accomplishment. They want something unique, something interesting. So, make sure, your essay avoids the mistakes of being boring or cliché. Even if you don’t have a perfect story, design it in an interesting way to grab the reader’s attention.


Avoid Being Overconfident

It is great to have faith in your write essay for me, but no one likes a show-off. Bragging about your accomplishments and making yourself the hero of your story won’t take you anywhere. The admission officers are very smart, they can easily recognize who is bragging and who is telling the truth.

If you have decided to write a college essay on your accomplishments, make sure you just don’t praise yourself to the skies but also state a setback or a moment of doubt as well.


Never Pontificate

People don’t like to be told how they should think of you? So, don’t tell others what they should think about you. Instead, let them come up with their own perception of you.

Present yourself in your essay exactly the way you want them to think about you, and let your essay show them who you are.


Avoid “Happily Ever After” Conclusions

A well-written essay will automatically show your write my essay, you don’t have to tell the reader what you have learned. Let them know through your essay, don’t list your learnings; what you have learned and how you have learned.


Failure to Proofread

Most of the students don’t recognize the importance of proofreading. You may have very good writing skills and you may have executed your story well but you need to make sure your essay is flawless; free of grammatical and spelling mistakes, the thoughts are in a logical flow, the paragraphs are connecting with each other.

Sometimes, when we are writing in a flow, we don’t realize that we are making a mistake. So, it is a good idea to proofread your essay once you are done writing, or you may have asked someone else to proofread your essay.

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