8 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

Your iPhone does not alone bring you all the benefits and fun that you want. You need additional applications that do the job for you. Although the iPhone comes with preinstalled applications like Maps, News, Music, Notes, and others, you still need some third-party applications. Here is a list of must-have apps on your iPhone and the good they bring with them.


Netflix has become the new king of the millennial world, with people typically spending most of their time watching series or films online. With the Netflix application on your phone, you get the option of downloading a show which you can later watch without an internet connection. A lot of traveling time and waiting time can be spent on watching something without getting bored.


Facebook remains to be the most used social media application. It makes it easier for users to connect and share and stay updated. People frequently upload photos and videos, and their updates about their whereabouts. It has become a part of the daily habit, and for you to be a part of the bandwagon, you must have the Facebook application.


Flipboard gives you the flexibility of setting up your own streams called the ‘magazines.’ It allows you to organize valuable content that you come across online. You also have the option of subscribing to public magazines that are owned by other users. The app is easy to use and makes things simpler for you by segregating the information.


Gmail is the application that is a must-have even though your iPhone has the Mail app. Gmail is easier to use and comes with customizable options. You can log in to multiple accounts on one device, and the new updated version has a separate option for Google Meets.


Twitter is an application that you must use to stay updated with the latest news and arguments online. It gives you a space to put forth your views and while also getting to know other people’s opinions. Twitter can be very helpful when you have any customer problems to be addressed.


Instagram is used by people in large numbers and is one of the most favorite apps of most. It allows you to post pictures, stories, share videos and send messages. Moreover, it is also used for brand promotion.


People use Pinterest to find new innovative ideas and inspiration about literally everything. You can surf through the ideas of fashion, books, movies, quotes, travel, lifestyle, home decor, and every other idea that strikes your mind. You can save ideas and also contribute your own inputs and creativity.


Quora is a very helpful and useful application in terms of asking questions and getting to know about different things. Quora has answers to questions that Wikipedia and Google also don’t.

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, then you should definitely install the apps mentioned above.


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