8 Style Tips to Liven Up Your Black-and-White Interiors

Nothing is more elegant, stylish, or classic than a black-and-white interior. Architects and interior designers love the high-contrast relationship of these two colours and it became their inspiration in the creative purity and fundamental glamour of a colour palette lessened to its essential elements. 

Although it may seem easy to design in black and white, you would need great restraint and consideration. If you fail to pull this off, your black-and-white interior can appear uninspired, cold, or blunt. However, designers and home decorators have learned the iconic combination, as well as basic principles that bring their black-and-white interiors to life. 


1. Executing the Accurate Balance 

brown wooden framed yellow padded chair

Most interior designers follow a 70/30 rule when it comes to black-and-white decor. To do this, choose a dominant colour and use the other as the accent colour. You must aim for a 70/30 ratio, for instance, a big black sofa set against a white background of white walls, floor and a coffee table. You can accessorize your interiors with some metallics too. 


2. Add the Colour Gray 

Obviously, black and white works well with grey, so try to think in layers. You can begin with a grey room and add black and white together with different shades of grey. You may try placing a dark grey couch, soft white rug, and a black coffee table. You can add black-and-white throw pillows for your sofa, for instance. Having layers of white, black, and grey will give your room that beautiful depth. 


3. Choose the Right Shades of White and Black 

The colour black comes with plenty of variations, including tar black to near-black slate greys to the deepest midnight blues. You can pick a shade of black that works with your home’s personality and natural light for everything from paint to furniture to tile to accessories and metal finishes. 

Just like the colour white, there are many shades too, from warm yellow-or pink-tinged creams to cool blinding snow whites. You can definitely mix shades of white on walls, furniture, textiles, finishes, and accessories that will definitely give interest and texture, and keep your interior from appearing too linear. 


4. Pay Attention to Textures  

white and brown living room set

If you want to create a layered dimensional black-and-white space, consider using different textures on furniture, textiles, finishes, and accessories. We suggest that you place some textures of black shiny black subway tile, black metal figures, high gloss black paint, shou sugi ban panelling, black linen sheets, and plush black velvet. 

To complement the black shades, add textures of white shades of paint on trim and walls, upholstery, textiles, including sheepskin, leather, linen, cotton, wool, or silk.


5. Paint the Walls Black 

For the last few years, painting the walls black has been a trend. If you like to try black paint in your interiors but are still a bit hesitant about it, you can try painting your accent wall instead. You can also use white pieces of artwork and white-framed photos to have lovely contrast with black. 

You may also use black paint for your bathroom with your white sink and gold fixtures to give a classic and elegant look. Meanwhile, in your kitchen, child’s playroom or bedroom, you can try using black chalkboard paint on one wall. 


6. Explore Art, Patterns, and Graphics

Having a black-and-white interior tend to be boring and can make your space dead. To liven up your interior, you may want to play around with patterns, geometrics, abstract motifs, plaids, and polka dots. You can do a dramatic dark floral wallpaper or a classic black-and-white checkerboard floor, this really depends on your taste. 

But if you’re on the minimalist side and you love solid colours, consider using black accents in a mainly white room to create a bold graphic effect, like industrial black metal sconces, floor lamps, table lamps in a white room. To spice it up more, you can place a curvy white couch on your black floor that will give a sculptural effect. Graphic art or photography that are black-and-white will look amazing in a black-and-white interior. 


7. Place Some Greeneries 

white and black wooden table with chairs

One of the simplest ways to avoid making your interiors look like they’re too cold is by incorporating greeneries, this is a sure guarantee to liven up the spaces. Don’t limit yourself with placing more than two plants. Just add more than you think necessary. Also, don’t forget the stem or branches in a vase. 


8. Don’t be afraid to add colours 

When decorating a black-and-white interior, this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a place for colour. This is not true. Feel free to infuse colours and use them as finishing touches. You can start first with accent pillows which are a great way to add colours to a boring space without taking away the overall colour scheme.  Also, ditch the white flowers and opt for colourful ones instead. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero writes for Horizon Homes, a boutique home builder in Sydney that creates custom homes. Ivandrea Ollero is a content writer who researches and writes custom content about home improvements, travel, finance, law, fashion, health, and beauty. She provides helpful tips and hacks on various topics for her readers. 

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