8 Things to Avoid for a Perfect Android Application Development

Mobile app development has come a long way in the past few years it helps marketing businesses of all sizes and guarantees customer engagement as compared to websites mobile apps can be accessible from anywhere. In order to survive in the prevailing competition online, businesses need an efficient application which can successfully run on android platforms as well. It is thus a good idea to hire and experienced developer from Android Application Development Company.

Just in order to copy your competitors, you often end up making silly mistakes while designing an android application. These general mistakes which may appear normal for you, may costs big issues for your android mobile websites. It is thus important to know about these common mistakes which you must avoid while developing an android mobile application.

Here are Some Common Mistakes that Android App Developer should Avoid:

Android Application Development

1.    Simply Copy from Competitors:

People would not look for what they already have, try to convey the purpose of app in the unique and easy to use way keeping end users in mind.


2.   Not Choosing the Right Platform:

The developer and the client must do the thorough research on audience the app is meant for. IOS, Android, blackberry etc or all. It is advisable first develop the for the higher user base avoid doubling you the development costs by focusing on one platform first.


3.   Including Too Many Features:

Nobody is going to use a complex, confusing and difficult app. Include the core features for that the app is meant in a proper manner putting too many feature can confuse the users, and it should serve the purpose with utmost user friendliness. ( 5 Helpful Features of Android That Every iOS Developer Need to Follow ).


4.   No Space for Scalability and Flexibility:

Develop an APP with future perspective so that it can be upgraded as per the need and demand.


5.   Ignoring the Use of Analytics:

Develop an app with analytics, it will help in future decision making as it tells you the loop holes, real audience, how your app is being used when it got crashed etc.


6.   Simple but Poor Design:

What is beautiful people definitely give a look at it, Keeping your APP simple should not lead to the poor designs it should be attractive and responsive to all versions and all screen size.


7.   Ignoring the Monetization: What is free today can have a good price value tomorrow, so monetizing your app will benefit you in future if users are willing to pay for your app. But it should be done in a proper way after a thorough research.


8.   Testing By Your Own:

No one can easily find out their own mistakes, you should use a professional beta tester for testing at the time of Android Mobile App Development.

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