8 Time Management Tips to Have a Successful Academic Life

time management

Time is the most precious thing and we are experts in wasting precious things. Sound relatable? Because same! In a world full of technological convenience only a few are using time productively.


Well, don’t worry I used to be the one who kept wasting time. But, in my academic life, apart from my studies what other best thing I learned is how to manage your time.


I know many of you are struggling due to miss management and disturbance in your schedule. Ok, don’t worry let us guide you on how to manage your time effectively. We understand what value time has especially when you are a student. Deciding whether to hang out with friends or to make an on-time submission by completing an assignment on time. Yes, this is the toughest decision. But, don’t worry now you do not have to pick one. Just do all the activities together.


Meanwhile, read this piece of information to get the answer to your ‘how’. Here we are sharing 8 time management tips for a successful academic life. Just keep reading!


Align ‘to do’ list 

This is a must-have thing. It might sound useless but, it does wonders. Trust me it does. You just need to be wise while making your list. Also, start with the most important things. If you have submission then keep your assignment on the first-morning task. This way, you will be able to complete it until evening. Besides this, you can also align your weekend laundry and your pending assignment in one line. Just try winding up two things together and save your time. Now, you can enjoy with your friends. No need to compromise.


Challenge your habit of procrastination 

Yes, you have to do this. If you aim to live a productive yet stress-free academic life then start turning your ‘I will do it tomorrow’ into ‘I will do it now’. This is how you need to challenge your habit of procrastination. Well, if you really want to cope with this issue then there are many psychological tactics that you can apply and could get rid of this procrastination thing. One of the best techniques is by psychologically making playing ‘do it for reward’ game. Would you like to know how? Just for each task, give yourself a reward like eating a bar of chocolate, 15 minutes break, listen to one song, etc.


Isolate yourself from all distractions 

If things make you distracted every now and then, don’t worry. We can overcome this problem too. You just need to calm down and get relaxed. First, choose a place where you could isolate yourself and the place where distraction has no existence. How about your study table? This would be the best option. No, you do not need a whole room to isolate yourself. Just a little space is enough. Now, make sure your phone, tablet, or any other thing which makes you distracted is not in range of your table.


Limit time for each task 

Now, this is the most difficult thing. Many times, the tasks we think will get complete in an hour ends up consuming the whole day and this way, we eventually lose in the mismanagement of time. So, it is necessary to set a time limit for each task you are planning to do. Your essay making it difficult to come up with more relevant examples? It’s fine! Don’t waste your time by being all anxious and worried. You can take help from a professional essay writing service in the UK, USA or anywhere you like. Do you know what plays an important role in time management? Your smartness! We all go through difficulties of life but, how you deal with your problems is all that matters. So, be wise!


Take breaks, not offs 

We all can relate to this. The time we decide to take a break is the time we end up taking off from the studies. Well, this might sound funny but we all know what kind of problems this habit creates. So, take your breaks wisely. For this, you can set an alarm and whenever your break ends let your phone, wristwatch, wall clock, table watch, and every other thing get loud on you. Imagine, if you kept being justified with your break then you can complete your work on time and can later invest your spare time on Netflix. Sound wonderful, isn’t it? This is how you need to motivate yourself.


Group study is a perfect option

Yes, you heard it right. I said group study. Do you know how you all could save time? How about distributing each part of your assignment and then sharing it with others. Still, confused? Let’s suppose your teachers asked you to collect research on three different topics then why not distribute each one? You work on one and let your partners do work on the rest of the two. Or maybe you could take advantage of cheap essay writing service and let them work partially work with you on your assignment as well. In the end, just share the information, write it in your own words and there you go! Feel free to thank me later.


Be clear with your ‘NO’

Yeah, we understand that oftentimes this is the most difficult thing to say but, you have to do it. After all, you can’t always favor them by investing your time on their assignments. Before someone asks you to help them with the last minute submission and you have your tasks on pending then, make sure you are being all clear and polite with your ‘no’. Well, this doesn’t mean you should stop helping others. In fact, you only need to stop being available 24/7 for them.


Sleep tight and exercise 

Your sleeping pattern makes an equal effect on the way you perform your tasks. If you take proper sleep and do morning exercise then your body will eventually feel fresh. This way, you can complete all your tasks instantly. For instance, if you are feeling fresh then you will not procrastinate, neither will you feel the need to have a nap. Sleep tight, exercise and keep using all the tricks to save your time.



Implement suggested tips from now and you will find the difference. Once you start managing your time effectively don’t forget to share this good news with us. By the way, start downloading your Netflix episodes because we know you can do it.


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