8 tips on installation of grinding mill

About the installation of the grinding mill, there are 8 tips for you:
1. when the grinding mill is installed, we should pay special attention to the alignment of the central axis of the transmission center. The error in the middle is not more than the compensation of the coupling used in the grinding mill in accordance with the requirements of the mill, the mill can obtain more ideal transmission effect and longer service life.
2. grinding machine on the installation of transmission parts, must pay attention to the operation of the soft, prohibited the use of hammer tools such as rough installation, the best is the installation of the assembly fixture and end of shaft thread to bolt into the transmission of efforts will be pressed into the mill, so that we can protect the mill not internal parts damaged.
3. milling machine is adopted, it is best not to use the steel fixed coupling, the coupling installation is difficult, once the improper installation will increase the load capacity, easy to cause bearing damage, even causing the output shaft fracture.
4. the grinding machine’s fixation is very important. We must ensure smoothness and firmness. Generally speaking, we should install the grinding mill on a horizontal foundation or base. At the same time, the oil in the oil drain tank should be excluded and the cooling air will circulate smoothly. If the grinding machine is not fixed and the foundation is not reliable, the phenomenon of causing and vibration will appear, and the bearing and gear will be damaged unnecessarily.
5. if necessary, we should install protective devices, such as protrusion on the connector, gear or sprocket drive, etc. if the radial load of the output shaft is large, we should also use the reinforcing type.
6. The installation position of the mill should ensure the operation of the staff, including the convenient proximity to the cursor, the ventilation plug and the oil drain plug. After the finishing of the mill, the inspectors should check the accuracy of the installation position in order to determine the reliability of each fastener.
7. in operation, but also ready for operation, the ventilation hole plug off the oil pool for ventilation plug, open the oil level plug screw check oil line height, add lubricating oil level plug screw hole more than to overflow, and then plug and screw on the oil level to determine the correct, can start trial operation.
8. the trial run time of mill is not less than two hours. The standard of running is smooth, no vibration, no noise, no leakage and no impact. If abnormal condition occurs, it should be eliminated in time.

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