8 Tips To Help You Master Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop camera is a new addition to the photography world by Adobe. This app is like having a photoshop app inside your camera. It is an intelligent camera that understands your lenses and chooses the correct filter for your photo before you begin clicking your pictures. You can edit the filters after clicking your picture as well. Share your pictures and edits created by the photoshop lenses on your social media handle directly from the app. This app is back with AI-powered features that allow you to create beautiful scenery & food shots, and more.

However, due to the pre-set filters, you may not be able to edit your pictures as per your preference manually but it is still an amazing app to create beautiful Insta worthy pictures. Before you get excited about all the features you’ll get on your device, make sure that your device is compatible with this app. This app is currently available on Android 9.0 pie or Android 10, and it also works on Google Pixel, OnePlus 6/6T or higher, and Samsung Galaxy phones. iOS users will get better compatibility with this app, but their phones must be running on either iOS12 or iOS13. And the app only supports multiple camera lenses like the one on the iPhone 11 series.

You can use some of these hacks and tips to get the best out of Photoshop camera app:

Image Quality Settings

This app automatically compresses your photo into a file that consumes less than 1 MB space. The in-built camera of the apps doesn’t allow you to control the level of compression, but you can still make a copy of your original photo from the settings of the app. On the top of the screen, you will find a three-dot menu. Click on it to go open Settings and then go to Preferences. Switch on the toggle for Save Data to Camera Roll. This will ensure that when you download an image from the photoshop camera, you will find the original and less compressed version of the picture.

Lens Library

you will find a variety of lenses for filters on the photoshop camera app, but you can still download more from the Lens Library by tapping on the circular icon on the top left corner of the screen. From the library, download your favorite filters and organize them like a playlist in the Manage Lenses section. Tap, hold, and drag the downloaded filters to organize them. Due to the automatic scene recognition, these filters will not prove much beneficial because the Photoshop camera app leaves minimal room for manual editing. Yet, again you will somehow find filters similar to any other app’s editing filters, and they will enhance the beauty of your pictures.

Composition Edit

You can edit the composition of your pictures using the pre-existing lenses created by the best photographers around the world. This will minimize your time consumption while editing an image. You can choose from the most vibrant lenses or to the minimalistic lenses based on your preferences.

Edit background

You can change or edit the background using different filters and backdrops. You can altogether remove the existing background of a picture and exchange it with any other interesting background from the app. You can play with the background easily using the multiple background editing tools this app offers.

Minimalistic Strategy

Using the minimalistic filters will help you play with pictures and editing. It will help you create realistic images. In the case of night photography, if you want to bring out a starry night effect, you can use the celestial lens to bring out the colors, ambiance, etc. A lot of users highly recommend the celestial lens for night photography.

Manuals edits

Although, there is little room for edits and manual tweaks, you can still use that little amount of features to give a personalized touch to your pictures. You can use the Photoshop Express app for editing. The editing option on the photos of the camera lets you add text or captions to your photographs. From the PsX tool, you can apply effects, themes, texts, and more.

Edit imported pictures

The in-built camera in the app lets you create the best pictures, but you can also import photos from your camera roll or gallery. Importing photographs from your lightroom library is also an available option, but only if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber. To import photos, click on the photo preview icon available on the right side of the shutter button. It will take you to the PsC studio where all your in-app snaps are saved. Besides that option, you will find the Camera Roll from where you can import pictures from your device. The magic wand will automatically edit and add a filter to your picture.

Create personalized lenses

Just how you use the creator’s lenses, you can create your own lenses only by applying to become a Featured Lens Creator.

  1. Go to the All Lenses section by tapping on the icon given in the top left corner.
  2. Then click on the Create a Lens option.
  3. You will be directed to the Creator’s Program page from where you can begin the journey of creating and uploading your lens.

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