8 Ways to Grow Your Business with Custom Hats

Custom hats are a cost-effective method for building your brand image. Here are 8 ways how you can make custom caps a part of your business branding strategy. 


  • As part of your employee outfits

Great branding should start from within the firm.  One of the simplest ways to do this is by outfitting your employees with logoed custom promo hats. These hats make it easy for a customer to see who is in charge as soon as they set foot in your store. 


  • As freebies for your customers using 

Many consumers think freebies are one of the best ways a brand can interact with them. Gifting durable promotional products like hats ensures that the association continues for a long time

  • To Inspire and engage your team 

Studies by Forbes show that a highly engaged team can be 21% more productive at work. So how do you engage your team? One of the simplest ways is to gift them a hat.

  • As handouts at local events

If you are a local business that wants to reach more people, finding events in your area and handing out custom caps to the participants is a great strategy. You could pick anything from a charity fundraiser to a sports event based on the brand image you want to create.


  • To share your brand’s story 

Promotional hats can be an effective method to portray the story of your brand. Using custom hats to share your brand’s statement not only helps shape your brand image but also attracts customers who hold the same views.

  • Through social media giveaways

Social Media contests are an effective way to increase user engagement, boost brand awareness and generate more sales. You can combine the power of social media and promotional hats to reach even more people.


  • Through social media Influencers 

Teaming up with online celebrities is another great way to leverage the power of social media. They could simply show up wearing the hat, or even give your business a shout-out, letting their fans know about you. 


  • Head to tradeshows

Trade Shows make it easy to get your name out there to potential future associates with just a hat. You can give custom hats to any promising connections you have made as an invitation for extending the relationship to the future. 


Done right, promotional marketing integrated with traditional marketing campaigns will do wonders for your business! Read CapBargain’s blog 8 Ways to Grow Your Business with Custom Hats for a detailed guide. 


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