A Solution Exclusive to your High-Risk Business

Every business has a unique requirement for payment processing. In other words, your business might require faster payment processing, or there is more need for security over the speed. These requirements play a prime role in your corporation.

It is not just about the quickness or the security of the payment processing. There are many more aspects to it.

● Multiple currencies support

● Multiple modes of payment (knowing which payment method your business requires)

● Type of payment model

● Chargeback management or protection

● Fraud and scam prevention; etc

These factors affect the payment processing solution for your business. Furthermore, High-Risk Businesses should put the special requirements right before the Payment Service Provider.

Moreover, when you reach out to the PSP for it, make sure that the services offered works complementarily for the business. That will help you to get your business going for a long time. eMerchantPro works with longevity in mind. In other words, the payment gateway and the merchant account resolve the business requirement seamlessly.

Furthermore, eMerchantPro works in the high-risk business sector and has ample experience. It allows us to meet the unique requirements of every business.

Following the Protocols, Compliances, and Security

The pre-set protocols and compliances for payment processing play a vital role. It ensures payment security and keeps you away from penalties. Furthermore, the payment processing solution you require needs to be secure with multiple security features. Hence, the Payment Service Provider should be profound with it.

High-Risk Businesses require service providers for the secure transmission of sensitive data. Therefore, eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway equips cutting-edge security solutions.

PCI DSS Compliance up to Level 1

eMerchantPro keeps the standard protocol of the PCI Compliance in the payment gateway and the merchant account. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the initial part of payment solutions. A merchant should check for it at the very initial stage.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a dynamic security solution that ensures utmost security to the payment process. Moreover, it adds layers of safety to the payment gateway. 3D Secure processing holds one of the most values in payment processing. It adds a dynamic layer of payment processing security.


After that, Tokenization is the feature that makes sensitive data non-sensitive. Furthermore, it saves your business from data breaches. Tokenization converts the information and ensures that payment processing is hassle-free. It works complementarily to the Card on File feature and safeguards the transaction data securely.


Point to Point Encryption is another part of the payment gateway that keeps the complete channel safe. Therefore, the information conveyance becomes compliant to transmit the data and information between different financial bodies. It means that only the bodies involved can access the information conveyed.

What about the Prevention from Fraud, Scams, and Deceit?

Identity Theft and Fraud is massive concern for a company. A High-Risk Business needs to think more about it. Hence, eMerchantPro ensures that the payment gateway has all the Fraud Prevention Systems. These features ensure that the payments are fraud and scam-proof.

It checks the billing address and the cardholder’s issued address. Further, it ensures that both of those matches or not. It is a practice to check the address and verify the cardholder’s identity.

The active authentication tool works as a fraud prevention tool. It checks the validity of the CVV the consumer puts into the payment gateway. Reaches out to the Card Issuing Authority and makes sure the CVV is correct or not.

Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode are namely two payer authentication programs. These ensure that the authenticity of the payment is pretty high. The extra layer of protection from the card authority works wonders here.

Next in the line of the fraud prevention system is the before-mentioned security feature. The dynamic third layer of security makes the authentication process stronger. Hence, the identity thefts shred down to a minimum.

There are certain high-risk places around the globe. People from these high-risk areas are mostly prompting fraud, scams, or identity theft. Therefore, eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway keeps these locations in the backend and keeps the payment processing secure for merchants.

Fraud scoring checks the risk measures before payment processing. It checks the scores of the payments and gives the trends of suspicious behavior. Furthermore, it also checks for fraudulent orders from the user. Thus it becomes easy for the payment gateway to judge the payment processing of the user.

These are some of the Fraud Prevention Tools of the payment gateway. It provides an edge to your business. Therefore, your business can accept payments without any problem whatsoever.

Why Reach Out to eMerchantPro?

eMerchantPro offers the best payment processing solution for your High-Risk Businesses. Due to the payment processing expertise, the solutions are precise and dynamically accurate. Furthermore, making digital transactions is a major part of any business seeking a global presence. Therefore, eMerchantPro offers multiple solutions for your business.

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