Microsoft Windows is the king operating system in the personal computer world. However, this operating system is incomplete without one software suite. Microsoft Office is the main software suite that makes this operating system complete and makes it suitable for both personal & commercial usage.

The current version of Office 2019 professional plus is one of the best Microsoft software packages that give your computer lots of features. Let’s discuss this version of the Microsoft Office package and how it helps you with different computing tasks.

  • Interesting Features Of Office 2019
  1. The “Insights” feature allows you to search relevant information directly from the document
  2. The new search assistant “Tell Me” helps you find each program’s functions faster
  3. The new auto-fill function in Excel helps you work faster
  4. The new built-in online Photo print option in Publisher is very helpful for DTP work
  5. Now you can share presentations on the web easily through the PowerPoint program
  6. The eye-friendly “Black Theme” helps you work for a long time without any strain
  7. Real-time networking has become very easy with OneDrive
  • Benefits Of Using Office 2019

Microsoft has revamped the Office software suite and made it more intuitive and efficient to use. Due to this reason, now you can do more work easily on Office 2019. They have included many new features in Office 2019 to enhance the user experience. For this reason, most PC users like this version of the Office software suite.

If you are overwhelmed with these features, then you can use office home and student 2019. This version of Office 2019 is much simpler to use. This version is designed to fulfill the need of most students and home users. The simplified architecture of this software suite allows you to do many things without any complications.

  • Computation Power Needed For Office 2019

To run this software suite on your computer, you need 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processing power on the computer. Microsoft Windows 10 or higher version operating system is necessary for this software suite. You also need 2 GB Random Access Memory (RAM) to run office 2019 professional plus.

You are also going to need 10 GB of free Disk space on your hard disk to run Office 2019. Along with this disk space, your computer must have DirectX 10 graphics card. It is also recommended to have 1024×576 resolutions on the monitor for smooth operation. For some Internet functionalities, your computer must have access to an Internet connection.

Currently, Microsoft Office 2019 is a very reliable software suite. It can be used for different purposes. Some people use it for accounting, while others use it for document writing. Each program of this software suite is designed to deliver more productivity.

For this reason, this software suite is used in both personal and enterprise uses. For personal use, the Office home and student 2019 is the best. On the other hand, you can buy the Enterprise version of this software for commercial uses. It doesn’t matter what version of Office 2019 you purchase, it will uplift your working experience.

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