9 ​Reasons why You Shouldn’t Invest in Resume Writing Service

After hearing about this article’s content, you might be wondering why anybody would ever invest in resume writing services. It sounds like an extravagant concept and a waste of money. But before you dismiss the idea altogether and take no further action. 


If you’re reading this article just now, you’re probably looking for a professional resume writer. You probably have been looking for one for quite some time but still haven’t found one that you feel comfortable hiring. And that’s because you’re not getting the full picture about what these people do. You see, they aren’t just writing resumes for a living. They are helping people find work — jobs that they wouldn’t have found without their help. Maybe you are like many others who don’t understand the value of this kind of service. You might think that if you can write a resume, you don’t need to invest in resume writing services. 


Resume Writing Services



Here are the 9 reasons why you shouldn’t Invest in Resume Writing Service.


Reason 1: Resume services charge an average of $350 to $399 for their services- which can seem like a large sum to invest purely on the surface level. However, there is a catch! After reading further, you’ll discover that the prices you’d pay for hiring a resume service are far from cheap.


Reason 2: The services that resume writing companies offer their clients have a high potential of being useless- even if they are not. The reason for this is simple- how in-depth and thorough can it be when the company is charging so much money for their services? You’ll find out more about this later in the article.


Reason 3: Many resume services have a high potential of providing writers who hold a degree from a cosmetology, bartending, or hospitality school- which is nowhere near the level of education one should have for writing freelance resumes.


Reason 4: Resume services also make it incredibly difficult to find out the names and qualifications of the writers who are going to be working on your resume. All this leads to is more confusion and risk for you with regards to the process.


Reason 5: Resume services also offer little to no assistance with the process of applying for freelance jobs and making sure that your resume is getting through to the hiring managers who will be reading it.


Reason 6: Resume services often provide their clients with templates that can find their way into the trash, as they are very standard and commonly used. These companies also offer little to no assistance with all post-application aspects, such as phone-screening interviews and salary negotiations.


Reason 7: Resume services are great for individuals who simply need help with formatting and presenting their resumes, but they won’t necessarily guarantee the delivery of a powerful and impactful resume that will get hiring managers’ attention.


Reason 8: Many services offer resume writing as a bundle with other services- such as tech support, web design, job search assistance, etc. Although these seem like great deals, they are opportunities to take advantage of you financially.


Reason 9: Resume services have high potential of giving bad resumes. It leaves you with little to no choice but to start the process repeatedly and use the service for another round of resume writing.


Are resume writers worth the money?


Resume writing services will always be controversial, no matter what industry you are discussing. Some people think that they are a great investment and others think they are a total waste of money. However, there is one factor that all professional resume writers have in common- they don’t risk their own money when working with clients on their resumes. They guarantee that you will receive a powerful resume, or your money back.


There are many more reasons why you shouldn’t use a resume writing service. It’s important to remember that if you don’t end up with a terrible resume, you can still write your resume. However, there are some advantages to using a service, so be sure to check out point #9 and the conclusion.


After reading this article, you now understand that resume services have many disadvantages. However- you can write your resume, but there are also advantages to using a service. The best option for you is to weigh each case’s pros and cons before you make a final decision.

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