9 Basic Requirements for a Good Home Staircase

A staircase is an important architectural component. When professionally designed and built, a staircase leads dignity and character to your home! You’ll require experts to install stairs in Oakville. Stairs are used to carry people from one floor to the next. As a result, a good stair should be designed to allow for quick, easy, and safe communication between floors. It would help if you considered the criteria of a good stair while creating a staircase for your home. We’ve listed a few requirements for a decent stair in this article.

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The general requirements of good stairs in Mississauga, ON, are as follows:

1- Staircase location
Staircases should be placed so that they are conveniently accessible from various areas of the building.

It should be situated in such a way that it is both spacious and accessible without difficulty.

Staircases must have appropriate lighting and ventilation from the building’s exterior.

2- Stairway width
It should be large enough for a person to operate it without difficulty easily.

The width of the step is determined by its position and varies depending on the building style.

Generally, a width of 1 m (3.3 feet) is acceptable for private buildings, whereas a width of 5 to 2.0 m (5 to 6.5 feet) is required for public buildings.

3- Flight length
It is advised that the number of steps in a single flight of stairs is no more than 12 and no less than 3 for a comfortable ascent and descent. If there are more than 12 steps in the design, an intermediate landing fall into a to-be list.

4- Stair pitch
In any form of a stair, the stair pitch should not exceed 37 degrees to make climbing the stairs less tiring and unsafe.

5- Headspace
The headroom, or clearance between the tread and the soffit, should be at least 2 m (7.2 feet) so that even taller people can comfortably use the staircase.

6- Railings and balustrades
For the safety of users, open well or designer staircases should always have a fence and railings. The railing must have the right size and shape to be easily held in hand.

7- The stair dimensions
The size of the stair should be such that the user is comfortable. Each stair step’s rise and tread should be the same size throughout the staircase. You may want to contact a verified professional for queries on stairs in Mississauga, ON.

8- Winders
If at all possible, winders should not be used in a stairwell. They are hazardous, and they raise construction costs.

9- Construction materials
The stair’s construction material should give appropriate strength and stability, fire resistance, sound insulation, and, last but not least, an attractive appearance.

As a result, when you build your new stairs, ensure they meet all of the above criteria for your convenience! You may contact Sunlight Stair & Railing Corp for more concerns on installing stairs in Oakville.

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