9 Best Facebook Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Almost everyone is using Facebook nowadays. If you have an account on Facebook or you own any page related to any business on Facebook, then you should know about the following tips and tricks. The tips and tricks mentioned below will help you in securing your account and also help in promoting your business.

  • Account Protection

You can control who can see your posts and comment on them. You can also limit who can send you a friend request. Also, there is an option of “Turn on the Profile Picture Guard” feature on Facebook so that no one can save your profile picture and misuse it. By doing so person stalking, you will not be able to take a screenshot of your account.

  • Review Content Posted by Others on Your Timeline

Facebook provides an option of “preview post.” If you have turned it on, the content posted by friends or family members on your timeline will directly go into it. And from there, you may choose the desired content to appear on your timeline.

  • Save Photos, Videos, and Other Content

Photos, videos, posts, and links can be saved for future references in the “saved posts” section. You can also create a folder with the desired name to save the contents of a particular type.

  • Logout Remotely from Unauthorized Devices

In case you use someone else’s device to log into your account to check some notifications, and by some means, you forgot to logout from their device then, you may use Facebook’s “log out of all sessions” option. This will logout your account from every handset or pc which might have direct access to your account. You may select and remove access from individual accounts too.

  • Convert Your Facebook Account into a Page

You can convert your profile into a business page by using Facebook’s inbuilt features. By doing so, all your friends in your friend list will get converted into your page followers.

  • Exhibit Your Products

You can use this feature to display products on your page. This will help you in growing your audience and business on a large scale. It also looks impressive and attracts customers to your page.

  • Instant Replies with The Help of a Bot

Let’s suppose that if someone sends you a message on your page, and you are not available at that instance to reply, you may use Facebook bots to answer them. You can set a two-line statement for the bot to send, greeting the person, and telling them that you are not available at the moment and will reach them as soon as possible.

  • Schedule Posts

Imagine you are busy with your work, but you also need to post content on your account or page regularly for your friends/followers but, you are not able to do so because of the shortage of time. In that case, you may schedule your posts to get the content posted on time.

  • Go Live

You may go live on Facebook for promoting any product or for broadcasting any ongoing video. This will help you in interacting with the clients or your community of the page itself and will increase your business. You can resolve the user’s queries related to your existing product or provide them with information regarding your newly launched products. Interaction with the clients is the best way to promote your business, and it can easily be done by coming live on Facebook.

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