9 Best Usable Gifting Options to Melt His Heart!

Christmas and New Year are here, and we have every opportunity to shower our loved ones with gifts. This blog lists the best gifting options for your boyfriend/husband that will surely be 100% useful to him rather than just lay around as a showpiece.


Dear women, keep your pen and paper ready; some of these options will surely lure you into getting them for yourself as well.

Touchscreen Gloves

If you live in an area where this part of the year is extremely cold, or if you love riding bikes, touchscreen gloves are your go-to gifting option. These gloves come in leather as well as wool. But what makes these unique? Touchscreen gloves are crafted from stellar quality wool or artificial leather, and unlike their other counterparts, you man will not struggle to handle touch screen gadgets while wearing these.

Cutting-Edge Tool Box

Most men love fixing broken or unaligned things in their house, and if your partner falls in this category, a modern toolset will not hurt. This is a gift for you as well, as you no longer need to spend money on petty repairs in your house, as your partner will readily fix it.

Formal Accessories

Though there are lesser accessory options for men, whatever the limited options are. You can either get him a basic red, navy-blue or a black bow tie to complement his blazers and suits. Another good formal accessory option for men is a wristwatch or a pocket watch.

Coffee Brewers

Who does not need a coffee brewer in their life? If your guy is a true coffee lover and does not own a coffee brewer yet, I cannot express the best part of the coffee-drinking experience he is missing. There are two coffee brewing options – portable wireless one and wired one. The wireless one is a real gem as you can carry it anywhere and indulge in your favorite cup of coffee without any hindrance.

Cocktail Mixers

Like coffee brewers are a must-have for coffee lovers, cocktail mixers mandate hot drink lovers. It will help you blend his cocktails perfectly and enjoy his delicacies at home. There is a hidden advantage here; with him, you too can taste the best cocktails made by your man.

Sexy Nightwear for Women

This option might seem confusing, but let me explain. Dressing in sexy nightwear for women is the best gift for him. Men love to see their partner dressed sexily, and you get an add-on in your sexy nightwear wardrobe. Be ready for some hot, steamy make-out sessions after he unwraps this gift.

Premium Whisky or Scotch

Like women never have enough clothes, men never have enough alcohol. Get him a bottle of the best vintage scotch or whisky, and elevate the gift further by getting it in a customized wood case. These wood case personalization can be done from the store you are buying the alcohol from or are easily available in several online stores. A pair of stellar glasses will be the perfect addition to the gift.

High-End Wallets

Most men hate buying wallets for themselves. Hate might be an overstatement, but buying a wallet for themselves is the last thing on their discarded to-do list. Get him a high-end wallet with safety covers that prevent devices from garnering data from wi-fi-operated cards. You can get these wallets customized with his initials.

Neck Support Travel Pillow

If your partner constantly travels out of passion or for work-related commitments, a neck support travel pillow will work as a great gifting option for him. This pillow lets him sleep and relax in a flight without straining his back or neck and has zero stress on his shoulders. A neck support travel pillow is also available with hoodies, Bluetooth speakers, and other enhancements to make your gift more usable.

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