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This week, Karl revealed in an interview that he would not reap out the rivers and lakes: “I tried some explanations this year, I feel very good, I want to continue in this regard. On the coach, I admit it Other coaching sites on the field will make me very excited. But I really like the current work, so I will not be re-become coach. “

Piteson, who was signed 5 years of $ 700. million, recently told reporters to “satisfied” the current contract. “I can’t do anything,” Peterson said. “My contract continues until the end of the season. I can do it now.”

His teammates have been full of confidence. And the biggest opponent in Manning, the new England Patriots 4 points Tom Brady also hopes that he wants him to continue with Manning’s teammates. “For alliances, he is a very great player,” Breddy said on Thursday. “He is a great opponent, I am very lucky to tell him many times. I certainly hope that he will come back because if he doesn’t come back, the alliance will miss him. But these decisions depends on him. I believe it depends on his body. And psychologically do not want to return. But of course hopes that he will come back. “

Ramp star angle guard Patrick Peterson will fulfill the contract

Arizona Red Tit has recently been sold to Safety Baker – Baker and External Tie Dian Deander Die Die – Hopkins (deandre hopkins). Both will work for the team to 2024 season.

Manning has not publicly expressed his future, and his father, nfl jerseys Archie Manning, Tell the cheap Nfl jerseys from china official website on Thursday, saying that he did not tell his family. “Pelton will consider a lot of things, he is very good at this,” he said. “I can’t tell him what to do. He didn’t tell me what I plan to do. But I know that he really needs to be well thought. He is considering his health, he wants to see if he can work hard to overcome the injury How to face more competitions after illness,. “

It is also concerned about whether Manning wants to start with the Gary Kubiak and the new offensive group in the new coach. “Yes, but he loves plus. He likes to add,” Achi Manning said. He likes John Fox. He like Adam Gase. I think all these things will take into account. But I think he has always made the right decision. He considers the problem very comprehensive. He Will consider a lot of things, I think he will make a good choice. “

As the corner saving market is high, the insider said that the ramp has not been discussed with Peterson, and has not yet made such arrangements. When the new season begins, if the rickets do not change the plan, then the season is ended in Peterson will become a free player.

The 28-year-old Turbin will miss the game for the Cincinnati Mason, Washington Red Leather, Philadelphia Eagle and Houston Texas. He will be able to return to the new England patriot game on October 4th.

The center is based on the position of the ball in the referee, he is the forefront of the offensive formation. The center should hold the ball in one hand and maintain a lower startup posture, in order to let the quadrant defending the defensive deployment.

Pony did not renew the Frank Gore this year, Turbin was originally considered to get more opportunities. He will be with Marlon Mack, Christine – Michael, Josh Ferguson, and two new Xiu Niheim – Nyheim Hines and Jordan – Wil Jordan Wilkins compete for the appearance, but this ban will have adverse effects on him to get the first position.

In the past few years, Cal has been associated with New York giants. However, the old handsome Tom Coughlin announced this week to continue to coach the team next season. At present, there are still a multi-team’s coach position remains vacant, but there is currently no team to contact Cal.

The front steel champion head announced that it will not come out to coach

When I came to the new coaches of each team, every time, some name will always be mentioned. Among them, Bill Cowher is included. The tall coach of the 19-year-old man’s steel man has been taught in 2007. During the coaching steel man, Cal’s record was 149 wins, 90 losses, 1 flat, and led the team to win the super bowl of the 2005 season.

Miller destroyed the patriots to the right of the right cutar Markan, and he completed 2.5 kills and helped the team in a super bowl. In addition, Miller also completed a copy of the CD and laying the foundation for the second time of the wild horse. In the game, Braddy was hit by 19 times, this number is a new high in the 2006 season.

If Miller ruled the outside, Wolf ruled the inside. He completed 6 individuals, 1 time, once killed, and forcing the opponent to lose the code, and hit Braddy 3 times. Old will also be equally good, he got 0.5 times, but 7 hit four points. Although the performance of the offensive group is still not stable enough, such a strong defense is still an important reason to win the superb bowl.

Feng-Miller excellent performance will push Blai in trouble

In the Meeting Championships in the new England Patriots and Denver Musaba, Tom Brady is trying to avoid the horses, but in the end, he is still unable to change the fruit. DEREK WOLFE, Demarcus Ware, and Feng-Miller, the rushing lineup, ruled the entire game.

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