Is QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387 hampering your accounting operations? You are at the right place as this article shall provide you with all the details for successfully troubleshooting this error code and resolving all the associated problems.

QuickBooks error code c=387 may usually show up due to corrupted or damaged registry entries. QuickBooks Error Code C=387 may also incite due to some problem with the invoice template. Through this article, you shall learn about the various causes leading to this error. By the end of this article, we have a firm belief that you should be successful in getting rid of the QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387. Make sure that you go through this article till the very end.


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Potential Causes leading to QuickBooks Error C=387

Several causes may provoke the QuickBooks Error Code C=387. These have been listed below:

  • A virus or malware is infecting your system.
  • Essential QuickBooks-related files are deleted accidentally from your system.
  • Unsuccessful/Incomplete QuickBooks Desktop installation.
  • Invalid entries due to improper drivers.
  • Unexpected system failure.


Troubleshooting methods to rectify QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387

You can successfully fix the QuickBooks Desktop Error Code C=387 by performing the steps mentioned below:

Method 1: Using the reimage repair tool

  • In the inception, you must download and install the reimage repair tool.
  • Launch the tool and allow it to perform a preliminary scan on the system.
  • If the too identifies any damage, click on ‘repair’ to rectify the issue.
  • Once the issue has been rectified, restart your system and check if the QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387 error was resolved. If the error continues to interrupt your operations, follow the following method given below.


Method 2: Rectifying template error

  • Head to the lists, templates option
  • Choose a template and also select the option stating open forum
  • Perform the steps repeatedly till the template shows an error
  • End the forum.
  • Now choose the template with the error in the templates windows.
  • Finally, edit the templates.
  • Check if the issue got resolved. If the Error Code C=387 still troubles you, jump to the following method.


Method 3: Creating an invoice

  • Select the ‘customers’ option and then generate an invoice
  • Once that’s done, select a template
  • And then add a customer, item, and account information
  • Next, click on the save tab
  • And then hit the delete tab
  • Finally, press the ok tab, and you’re done.


Method 4: Use rebuild data utility

Follow the steps given below to use the rebuild data utility.

  • Click on ‘File.’
  • Select ‘Utilities.’
  • Head to ‘Rebuild Data’ and click on ‘OK.’
  • Once the data is rebuilt, open it.
  • Check if the error got fixed.


Method 5: Download the repair tool

  • First, download the Repair tool
  • Then, select the Start Scan tab
  • When finished, select the Next tab
  • Finally, select the Repair Now tab
  • Finally, the user should restart the computer.


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We are done!


Hopefully, by the time you are going through this conclusion, we hope your problem must have been sorted out. However, if the Desktop Error Code C=387 still keeps bothering you, contact our QuickBooks Technical Support Team for indomitable support.

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