This happens not to just one but many users. The Cash App closes the account of any random user without any prior notice or notification. People create a situation of panic and get quite restless about the account ban. The question that troubles them the most is ‘why is my Cash App account closed’. The counter-response to the argument by the company is that the account is being banned because most of the users violate the app terms either unknowingly or knowingly.


Now let’s find all the possible answers to this question.


Cash App account closed violation of terms of service


This can be the result of your ineligibility of signing up, certain issues with your identity, etc.

Cash App account closed might result from a number of reasons. One primary reason is not following the terms of the app either willingly or unwillingly or your account is associated with any kind of fraudulent activity.


A few of the reasons can be-


  1. Identity not verified


  • The Cash App allows you to receive $1000 and send an amount of $250, without verifying your identity.

  • Keep in mind that if you are involved in sending money very frequently, the app can consider it spam which later results in an account ban.


  1. Failing to provide Original Documents


  • It must have happened that you applied for an ID Verification on the Cash App and with purpose provided the wrong details.

  • You got lucky enough and your verification got approved.

  • The moment Cash App finds out that the details provided by you do not match the details on your government-registered ID, it will immediately close your account.


  1. Not  An American


  • Always remember one thing the Cash App is only available in the U.S and U.K.

  • If you are not a resident of any of the two countries, you can’t use the Cash App.

  • By using a VPN, you somehow managed to get access to Cash App by changing your location.

  • The day Cash App manages to find that, your account will be closed.

  1. Underage to open a Cash App Account


  • The simple and straight criteria for using the Cash App is that you need to be at least 18 years of age.

  • So, if you are below 18 and managed to use your account then it can be closed at any moment.

  • Note- The Cash App has reduced its account holder age to 13.

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Cash App closed my account with money in it

 You know you feel disappointed when your Cash App account gets closed but imagine you get your Cash App account closed with money in it. This would be the worst situation one could probably imagine.


  1. Involvement in a Fraud or Scam


  • A user must have gotten involved in some sort of unethical activity or tried to scam or fraud someone on Cash App, Cash App has the full authority to close your account.

  • Cash App takes very seriously doing scams or fraud as a serious crime.

  • If you have been too over-smart and tried to earn free money through Cash App by visiting or installing a third-party app and website.

  • This can also result in the closing of your account.


  1. Your Account is fake or expired


  • The simplest answer to that is either you provided the fake bank account or linked an expired credit or debit card with the Cash App.

  • Providing wrong or fake bank details, the Cash App would count as a suspicious activity.

  • This would simply result in an account closure or account ban.


This is hence the conclusion of this blog. We now have an ample amount of knowledge about how things get done in the Cash App.


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