A Brief About Four Types of Car Insurance in Canada

Have you been researching to find a perfect car? Have you taken all the features and cost into consideration and found the perfect car? That’s great! Buying a new car is always exciting news for the family. Now you can go on the road trip you have been planning for quite a while. Having a brand-new car is also a status symbol in the society. Since you have spent so much time and money to buy the new car, you certainly don’t want it to get damaged. That’s why you must get car insurance Lethbridge to cover any damages that might happen to your car. Now, in Canada, there are different types of car insurance that you can opt for. In this article, we will give you a brief about the same.

· Collision coverage: This car insurance will protect you if you hit something other than another car, for example, an un-insured motorist or a guardrail. This insurance type covers all the third-party liabilities too.

· Third-party liability coverage: Yes, there is a separate insurance plan for covering third-party liability. If you just want to take basic insurance coverage for your car, this is the one you should go for.

· Specified perils and all perils: This is a type of insurance coverage that will protect your car against specified perils such as theft, or weather-related damages such as fire or earthquakes. Whereas all peril insurance covers collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

· Comprehensive coverage: If you want broader insurance coverage that covers collision damages and prevents your car from theft, go for this type.

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