A Brief Overview of Doing an MBA in Advertising and PR


The top MBA colleges in MP offer a variety of courses in management for fresh undergraduates. One of the most unique MBAs that can be done in advertising and PR. One may wonder whether this is a relevant MBA at all. Why would you need to do management for public relations or advertising? These seem to be areas of operation which are more to do with people and content, rather than management processes. However, it must not be forgotten that even these apparently creative fields have the same aspects that other businesses have—that of finance.


PR is Management and Vice Versa


Of course, one may even argue that public relations and advertising is a vital part of all businesses, as all of them have customers. So students considering a post-graduate management course from the best MBA college in MP can definitely opt for the Advertising and PR specialized MBA on offer. The core components of an MBA, such as finance and business practices are part of this MBA too. This course teaches graduates how to manage such aspects of a company’s business relating to communications with the public, like media relations, public communications, and advertising, as well as internal communications.


This is an important part of most organizations that have a large public face. Advertising strategies are going to be the drivers of the company’s business, helping to sell products and create a brand image. The public relations aspect is how to create the most positive image of the company in the eyes of the public. The skills imparted to management graduates in these areas are what make the top MBA colleges in MP such brilliant places to learn.


Advertising Management Jobs and Salaries


The jobs available after an MBA in Advertising and PR from the best MBA college in MP can range from jobs related to marketing, such as marketing executive or manager, or jobs in business development and account management. You may also be in charge of the complete advertising requirements of the company that hires you, as an advertising manager. Public relations manager is also a job that is available, and this may also be people, personalities or even non-corporate organizations.


With the variety of job types, there is also a commensurate variety in the salaries that a young MBA can get after specializing in advertising and PR. The average salary would be in the range of 6 to 7 lakh per annum, but more senior roles can fetch better salaries, even breaching the 10 lakh per annum level. The salaries that can be achieved by young MBAs with just a couple of years of experience will be much greater for those who show themselves to be smart movers in the space.


All in all, it is a safe bet to complete an MBA from one of the top MBA colleges in MP, as it ensures an exciting career that can take young managers to great heights very quickly.

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