A Certified Electronic Component Distributor 


GreenTree Electronics LTD. Is one of the top most and certified distributor of obsolete electronic components. They have experience of more than 20 years in the electronic industry for providing the services which includes obsolete electronic components, medical, industrial, obsolete electrical components, defense, and communication applications in world wide. They are also experts in providing authenticated electronic components like obsolete integrated circuits from manufactures and from global networking distributers.

GreenTree provides electronic components testing service is committed to test all the electronic components in their testing laboratory and provides warranty to their customers. They are traceable and authenticated obsolete electronic components distributor providing the services directly from manufactures and from global networking of franchised distributors. GreenTree provides a unique solution to tier-1 OEM’s and CM’s that are seeking for reliable and genuine suppliers of obsolete electronic components.

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is expert in programmable logic devices, Micro-Processors, distributor of IC’s, Memories and Active IC’s.GreenTree Electronics as a distributor of integrated circuits is resolved to check and validate electronic components and provide a function-fit-form warranty to our customers by laboratory test includes, X-Ray, Visual investigation, Soldering, De-Capsulation, Electrical and practical testing, against, baking, static vacuum bundling, re-staggering, etc. GreenTree Electronics obsolete components distributor provides their OEM and CM clients with hard-to-find and obsolete integrated circuits orders, with as much transparency as possible in every transaction.

GreenTree Electronics  obsolete components supplier provides free designing counsel to assist our clients with picking the mostproper programmable gadget for their application. Obsolete electronics supplier engineers help the customers by thinking about the Power utilization, Cost, I/O’s, coordinated blocks, Footprint, Speed, and functional temperature grade. They differ from other suppliers of electronic components. Other industry experts consider often how to provide you outstanding assistance, and we hold every exchange to the promptness, integrity, stability, and thoroughness. With their thorough quality confirmation process trusted sources, anti-counterfeit policy and procedures, and competitive pricing solutions, they have a 100% product satisfaction guarantee that ensures you’ll receive the highest-quality obsolete electrical components available.




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