A Checklist to Selecting a Suitable Digital Media Buying Agency

Finding the right digital media buying agency is essential for brands that want to reach the right audience effectively. The digital ecosystem has radically changed the work of media companies. Nevertheless, its main functions haven’t changed a bit. These functions include ensuring your brand’s message gets to the right audience while saving you some cash.

The best digital media buying agency should have the right tools to help you get the most from your marketing campaigns in real-time. That’s why finding the right firm to work with is essential. Here is a checklist to help you pick the most suitable company for your campaign.

The right technology. 

Technology is the most significant part of the puzzle. So, digital media buying agencies without proper technology won’t compete well in the market. Buying media with contracts between the advertiser and publisher isn’t applicable anymore. It’s now important to have the demand-side platform (DSP) automate access to unlimited inventory while levering algorithms to determine the right audience for each campaign.

The DSP technology allows the ads to reach a high-quality audience, thanks to its ability to cross users’ data with auctions’ data. This assists in optimizing the campaign in real time, which is important when hiring a digital media buying agency. A DSP centralizes the media buying services in real-time. The automation lets you incorporate data from your source and other suppliers and advertiser data. This makes decision-making accurate since more data is accessible and segmented. It also lets access to almost unlimited inventory.


Deploying programmatic buying doesn’t imply ignoring creativity. On the contrary, when finding the right digital media buying agency, you should ensure the company can generate creative strategies. With this, it will be easy to make informed decisions like:

  • The kind of message to send
  • Where should you advertise your brand to users?

Complete reports in real time.

A specialized reporting dashboard makes it easier to explore and interact with several data points in real time. That’s an important aspect when looking for a digital media buying company. A digital media buying agency must offer comprehensive metrics and trends for a specific period. Reports that provide data about your target audience. This is one of the fundamental aspects since the reports are used for the timely optimization of all campaigns. This will enable you to achieve a greater ROI.

Proper support. 

One of the automation issues is that advertisers must learn to use some tools. Understanding what DSP does and how it works isn’t enough. Knowing how to use it is important. So, before choosing a digital media buying agency, it’s important to know the kind of support they offer. Pay attention to the contact channels they use to provide the support: chat system, webinars, or phone.

Make sure they keep scores.

Your digital campaign will help you track performance and understand the various aspects that drive results. So, your potential digital media buying agency should be familiar with all platforms to compute digital campaign performances. Furthermore, they should always share the result with you throughout the life of the campaigns. You don’t have to remind them that you want to see how your campaigns perform.

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