A Complete Guide to Capture Gaming Videos for YouTube

Want to learn the basics of video capturing of games for your YouTube channel? Follow this article to the end.

Creating a gaming video for YouTube is fun, but it can be pretty challenging at first. So, it is recommended that you should have some basic knowledge regarding the gaming YouTube video requirements. Read on to know about the basics of gaming video capturing before you start capturing gaming videos. You need to focus on various specifications like the bitrate, hardware, software and more.

All About 1080p / 60FPS Gaming Videos

Nowadays, the 1080p resolution and 60 FPS is in trend. Every device company is boasting about their 1080p / 60FPS capturing capabilities, but they will hardly tell you that you will get huge files as a result, after you have captured the game scenes. These files will put a significant strain on your editing rig, and you will need a very robust internet connection to upload these files. The fun fact here is that even after so much of hard work and strain on your editing rig, when you upload your video to YouTube, it gets compressed and gets shrunk to a comparatively lower bitrate. Even if you stream on Twitch, you get a maximum bitrate of only 3500, which is very low, especially if you have 1080p / 60FPS capabilities.

All About Bitrate

Bitrate is the count of how much data is used for making each second of video. If the bitrate is higher, more data will be used for presenting an individual image, thus providing a better quality of the image. The greater the amount of data used, the bigger the file size. 1080p has more data involved compared to 720p, as it needs a larger number of total pixels which will, in turn, lead to the usage of a higher bitrate for making it look good in appearances. On the addition of 60FPS, the data usage will increase aggressively once again, and you will get a file of even a 15 minutes video in gigabytes.

High Quality Comes at a Cost

If you want to start a gaming channel on YouTube, you should have a decent computer for use. The large size files take longer time to get processed and encoded, so having a good rig will let the things happen faster. You will need a decent computer for recording at a high-resolution and high bitrate. Along with that, you will need a premium video editing software to edit your videos and also a decent speed for uploading your videos.

Editing Software

Editing software is equally important to obtain a decent result after editing the large video files. There are no restrictions in using freeware, but you won’t be getting good quality results, especially for your large video files. So, it would be best to use premium video-editing software like Adobe Premiere or other paid products. This will cost you a decent amount but of course, if you want to start, then start it better, if not best.

Final Verdict

So, these were the basics that you should consider before you create gaming videos for your YouTube channel. You should have a decent performance PC or Laptop along with a good quality video editor and a robust internet connection for uploading your videos on YouTube.

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Source: A Complete Guide to Capture Gaming Videos for YouTube

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