A Complete Guide to Java Online Compiler

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Communicating and working on computers have become a lot easier with the invention of compilers. A compiler translates the high-level language into the machine language. 

As a programmer, the need to download IDEs for writing your programs and applications is constant. But if you use different languages, downloading different IDEs for each language is only space-consuming.

Well, this is where online compilers come to the rescue. A Java online compiler can save you from the hassle of downloading and installing an IDE on your system. 

If you are wondering what a Java online compiler is and how it works, this post is worth reading!! 

What Is An Online Java Compiler

An online Java compiler is software that compiles the Java code online. You will not need to download JRE and JDK on your system. You can easily run, write and execute your code online.

An online Java compiler is a great option for budding programmers. You can practice coding online without downloading any actual software on the system. You can also share your written code in different groups.

How Does An Online Java Compiler Work?

The Java compiler checks each line of code that you write at that very moment. It will then display the errors that you have made in the code.

The Java compiler will take the code written in Java language by the programmer and will create an independent Java file.

This generated Java file is platform independent which you can share and run on any device or platform.

How Should I Choose An Online Java Compiler

Choosing an online Java compiler is a big deal. However, there are 5 things that you will have to consider before choosing an online Java editor for you. These factors include:

The type of program you are writing.

  • Features of the compiler
  • Cost of the compiler.
  • Your skills level.
  • Your coding experience.

It is important to analyze what kind of code you are writing and if the online compiler you are choosing is compatible with the type of code. There is no point in choosing software that will not support the tool that you are writing.

Other than this, the level of your skill and experience must also be taken into consideration while choosing an online Java compiler. It may be easier for a skilled programmer to get used to a complex interface but that’s not possible for a new programmer. They may need time to work correctly on a complex interface.

Best Online Java Compiler

If you are looking for a Java online compiler, we have curated a list of the best Online Java compilers. These online compilers are a must-try if you are looking for a platform to code seamlessly.

Coding Ninjas

This online Java compiler is compatible with different languages like C++, C, Python, and Java. Also, the interface includes training lessons for both experienced coders and freshers. These training lessons are designed to provide a glimpse of how the compiler works and the fundamentals of the language that you have chosen.


This online Java compiler is a great option as it offers an in-built debugger. This will be helpful when you have written complex codes. Other than this, there is also a breakpoint feature available. This feature can be used to stop the debugging at that line. It will then start the process step by step to check the intermediate variables.


Browxy is one of the most popular online Java compilers. The compiler was quite famous among coders in the beginning but suddenly a lot of lag issues were found.

This compiler supports Java 8 only and is compatible with various files. This Java compiler has no restrictions and allows you to send network requests to outer URLs.


IDEOne is among the first online Java compilers introduced. Fortunately, it is still around. This compiler supports 60+ languages. So, if you are looking for an online C program compiler, this is worth the try. However, the platform still does not support Java 9.


Rextester platform was originally known as Regular Expression Tester. However, the platform is now used as an online compiler. It offers you multiple features and allows you to choose the programming editor as per your need. Also, there are many customization options available such as various interface themes. You can then switch between the interfaces.

Benefits Of Using Java Online Compiler

Compilers convert high-level language into machine language to make processors understand the program. But, compilers are much more than that. Here are all the benefits of using a Java online compiler.

Faster Than Interpreters

Unlike interpreters, compilers compile the whole program at once which makes it easy to code and saves a lot of time.

Saves Space

Another major advantage of using an online java compiler is that you do not have to download any application. All you need is the internet on the system.

Share Files

Compilers also generate files that need no source code to run. These files are known as executable files. Through the online platform only, you can share the files on other devices as well.

No Additional Applications Required

A compiler will execute the executable file without downloading any additional file. It will generate the files based on the operating system. The same goes for a Java online compiler. No additional applications or files are required.


The need for Java online compilers has increased because of the flexibility and productivity they offer. You can easily do all your work without having to download the application on your system.

However, always choose an online compiler after considering the type of program you are going to write and the skills you have. You must prefer going for a simpler compiler if you are still learning to code. Also, choose the one which is accurate and fast.

Other than this, some of these compilers can also work in different languages. So, if you wish, you can also use them as an online C program compiler

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