A Complete Guide, to Understanding the different Lock Functions, which are best suited for Classroom Uses.

The “Classroom” Lock Function

The Classroom Function has typically been widely accepted for uses within Classrooms (Function: ANSI mortise F05/bored F84). In “Classroom function”, the doors are only locked from the outside with a key (from the hallway).

Usually, in the mornings a Class or staff member would unlock the doors and will put it into the “passage mode”.

This function has a great advantage that during the school day, staff and faculty, students, have easy access to the classroom while being unlocked, and there are no worries of any accidental instances of the door locking.

However, in the rare event of a required lockdown, a staff member or teacher must go into the hallway in order to lock the door, thereby putting themselves at great risk as well as using up valuable time to lock the doors. Additionally, in order to lock the doors, there’ll always have to be present someone who’s a key-holder.

The “Classroom Security” Function

The function of A classroom security (Function: ANSI mortise F09/bored F88) enables the door to be lockable from the inside by key, thereby avoiding the risk factor of a teacher or faculty member having to enter the hallway in order to lock the door.

However, this Functionality may present another challenge – suppose, that the exterior lever is locked (by the interior cylinder) during the day time, school Hours; it could interrupt the class as the teacher would be required to open the door in order to let students into the room. Additionally, a key holder must be available to lock the door, same as with the “classroom” function, as mentioned above.

The “Office” Function

When you need an option to lock easily from the inside, choose Locks with the “office” function. (Function: ANSI bored F109) they have on the inside a turning button, which locks and unlocks the outside lever.

A key in the outside lever will retract the latch, but will not unlock the lever.

This “Office” function has the benefit that In the event of an emergency, anyone can lock the door easily from the inside, even when a teacher or keyholder is not present; it allows anyone from within the classroom to lock the door from the inside and remain safe.

However, keep in mind that this leaves the possibility that students can easily lock the door to keep people out as a prank.

When choosing this function School faculty must also weigh the benefits of this lock with the understanding that anyone, a student (or intruder) could theoretically force others into a room and lock the door to keep them locked in.

This function also raises another issue with the way the turn button operates. Understand the Turn buttons are securing the door in 2 ways. The outside lever will remain locked by depressing the button until the inside lever is rotated. When the turn button is depressed AND turned, the outside lever remains locked even after the inside lever is rotated. Thus, when a student during a lockdown event panics and runs out of the classroom and the turn button was depressed but not turned, the door would then be totally unlocked.

The Dormitory / Corridor Function

Choosing the Functionality of corridor/dormitory Locks (Function: ANSI bored F90), will allow locking or unlocking a door using either a pushbutton on the inside or the key from the outside. When Depressing The inside pushbutton it will lock the door, then it can be unlocked by rotating the inside lever, or by simply closing the door when exiting the room. If a door is locked by key from the outside, then it can only be unlocked by the function of using a key from the outside as well.

The Benefit of This lock type is that it can help prevent lockouts, but just as with the “office” function (F109) lock, a student running from a classroom panicky will unlock the door, leaving everyone vulnerable.

The “storeroom” function

When you want the outside to constantly be locked, choose a “storeroom” function (ANSI mortise F07/bored F86). There is no doubt whether the door is indeed locked or not; when the door is closed, it is locked. This functionality eliminates the event of human error during emergencies.

However, the disadvantages here are that teachers require carrying with them at all times their classroom keys in order to enter the classroom. Also, the teacher will be interrupted each and every time someone wants to enter their classroom when the door is closed. Consult the local AHJ when considering this function, in order to ensure that it meets local codes of emergency and fire egress.

The Function “classroom security intruder”

A very popular option is available for mortise locks, with the following functions; classroom security intruder (Functionality: ANSI mortise F32. F33. F34.). They operate similarly to the classroom security function, as mentioned previously but in the case of the functions F33 and F34, they also have the additional strength of a deadbolt.

But here again, the staff can use their key on the inside of the room in cases of a lockdown, without having to go through the hallways thus greatly avoiding the risk of potential harm.

Also, this will prevent students from locking the door from the inside with a simple turn or pushbutton. When selecting these functions consideration should be taken that only a teacher or other faculty members with a supplied key will be able to secure a classroom. Additionally, in order to have a clear indication of the security stats, some manufacturers’ classroom intruder functions, will offer an optional visual confirmation of the lock status, stating: secure or insecure. This indicator prevents teachers from asking themselves “Did I turn the key the right way to lock the door correctly?” and allows for a quick response and relief in times of a crisis.

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