A Complete Review of Adobe After Effects

With the newest version of After Effects, Adobe has come up with various new features to provide well improved and time-saving performances. This time you will see more advanced features and a more responsive interface in the After Effects that will speed up your workflow. This time Adobe’s primary focus was to provide more improved performance and stability to the users.

If your occupation is of a professional videographer, you will definitely have to practice using more and more special effects to increase the productivity of your videos, and that can only be done with some advanced software like Adobe After Effects. Adobe has been in the industry for nearly three decades and has constantly given updates along with the improvements in the products. In this article, we will discuss the latest version of After Effects. Adobe has come up with version 17 of After Effects, so let us dig into its features and performance. This time the developers have focused more on the performance of the After Effects, and you will definitely be able to figure it out in the below-mentioned titles.

A Complete Review of Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects: Speed & Stability

One of the most significant factors of this release which we will talk about is the speed and stability of this new version of After Effects. This time the primary focus of the developers was to provide more increased performance to the users.

One of the main features you will be able to notice is the preview playback optimization. With this version of After Effects, you can have a real-time playback of your project, even if you are interacting with the user interface. In this version, you will see a quicker RAM preview of your project. You will see a more responsive and stable interface along with a faster playback feature.

Adobe After Effects: Content-Aware Fill

It is one of the most prominent features that got introduced between 2017 and 2020. It came out to be one of the greatest additions of all time. The newest version of the After Effects will also have this feature as its part. Even though this feature is not new in the After Effects, as it is running since 2017, yet we thought of talking about it. This feature helps in removing any specific object from the screen, thereby uniformly extending the background over the gap so that the object may disappear entirely.

Adobe After Effects: Advertisement

You can now do everything with a video in After Effects, that you can do with a still image in Photoshop. However, the result might vary depending on the content of the video clip. The video clips with a simple background can provide better results than the ones with a complex background. When you want to improve the effect, a reference frame can be created regarding the same. When you activate it, you will get redirected to the Photoshop interface, where, by using the Content-Aware Fill feature, you can easily remove the objects. Once you have done that After Effects will use the modified frame for your video clip.

Adobe After Effects: Dropdown Menus

You will see a significant improvement in the interface, especially in the parameters of the dropdown menus. You can drag any of the dropdown menus from the lists and place them to your Essential Graphics Panel. You can use the dropdown menus as master properties, and you can form a completely new list of dropdown menus for your new composition by dragging the required ones from the list.

Doing this will help in making the templates very quickly as you will only have to use the dropdown menus rather than using sliders for switching between the settings. You can also rename the menu with the desired names so that you can get familiar with them, and efficiently use the required ones. Renaming the menus will help you a lot in saving your time.

Adobe After Effects: Text Expressions

You will definitely appreciate this feature. With the help of Text Expressions, you will be able to access the parameters of the text property. This method helps you in grabbing parameters from one text layer and lets you set them on others. You will also find robust and versatile features to replicate a complicated text on which you are working. Along with all these improvements, you may also see improvements in the Shape layers, that are certainly faster and easier than the previous ones.

Final Conclusion

The newest version of After Effects is by far, the most robust update by Adobe that you will see. Adobe has done a great job of providing one of the most significant updates of all times.So far you must have figured out the major changes in the newest version of After Effects. You will find these changes simplifying your work and providing you with the required work fluency and stability.

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