A Complete Review of Apple’s Latest Intel iMac

Want to know if you should buy Apple’s latest iMac or not? Follow this article to the end, and you will definitely be able to figure out if you should go for Apple’s latest iMac or not.

The all-new updated iMac with a 27-inch screen is the first and the last iMac with an intel chip. The upcoming versions will run on the chips designed by Apple only. The processor in the upcoming versions of iMac will run on Apple Silicon.

The all-new iMac has similar looks to its previous versions. It has almost been identical since 2012. However, in every upgrade, some new features get added. And similarly, new in this version is the addition of some of the basic features like improved graphics, a new and faster Intel CPU, and the option to add more RAM and storage. Along with these basic features, there is an addition of some new and impressive features that will surprise you. These are the changes that you will see in the 27-inch iMac.

Apple iMac Features

There is a list of features that have got added to the all-new iMac. The first among them is the optional all-new nano-textured glass. It is a matte display that is non-reflective. The nano-texture glass was first seen on the Pro Display XDR of $5,000. To prevent the screen from reflections, the screen is chiseled up to nanometer levels, and this has been done without decreasing the contrast. The nano-textured glass can be added to your iMac at the price of $500. This nano-textured glass display uses the TureTone technology, which automatically changes screen color so as to match with the surroundings.

The second thing that you will see new is the increase in the webcam pixels from 720p to 1080p. There is also the addition of the three-microphone array, which helps cut out the background noises and the echoes. Both of these features help in improving video-conferencing.

T2 & SSD

Switching to solid-state storage (SSD) is one of the best things. The earlier versions of Mac used Hybrid Fusion Drive or the Hard Disk Drive, which is not up to the mark of SSD. According to today’s world, those things are not efficient. The HDD users would have experienced frequent lags compared to SSD users who hardly face any issues with their devices. SSD gives impressive performance compared to HDD enabled devices. Switching over to the SSD means, Apple will finally be able to use the T2 chip in the Mac devices. The T2 chip is like a small iPhone chip that is present in the Mac devices. This chip, for a while, has been a part of both iMac Pro and Macbook. Security tasks like drive encryption, audio/video, system integrity, and touch ID are handled by T2 chips. The T2 chip is not yet available for iMac. It only works with the SSDs.

What Will Silicon Bring to The Mac?

The new ARM-based Apple Macs will most probably have instant-on, iPhone-like sleep; they will have a touch screen, and work faster than today’s Macs. They will work efficiently without getting heated up and compatible with the iPad and iPhone apps. The new Macs will also have different looks than the ones that get manufactured today. This will be a significant step, especially for iMacs that have not changed even a bit since 2007.

If your requirement of iMac is now, then you can definitely go for the one discussed above. This iMac is far better in terms of performance than the previous ones.

This Intel iMac is the first and maybe the last chance for those who don’t like versions of Apple Silicon. If you are thinking of opting for it, you should not think for the second time. If you really need a new 27-inch iMac right now, go for the one mentioned above. However, if you want the Apple Silicon iMac, you will have to wait for some time.

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