A Complete Review of WavLink WL-UG76PD2 USB-C 4K Universal Docking Station

The WavLink WL-UG76PD2 USB-C 4K is a driverless docking station that can easily power two monitors and provide the power supply. You can say it is an attempt made for solving the universal problem of docking stations and drivers.

It has a power button, onboard graphics system-on-chip, and there is no need to download the drivers. On the other hand, it does have some drawbacks too, and the first of all is its price tag and only a single-year warranty. It also does have even fewer than ten ports, and its design is not optimal and has a lack of front-facing ports. It only has a 100W power available and has only 4 USB ports. WavLink WL-UG76PD2 USB-C 4K also doesn’t have a card reader and type-c connectivity.

Apple’s MacBook Air can be given credit for bringing the most compact, lightweight laptops. The MacBook Air was the thinnest notebook in the world when it got released, which inspired many brands and encouraged them to make something similar to MacBook Air.

The minimalist approach of Apple has made many laptop developers restrain the use of physical connectivity and accept the use of wireless technology wherever possible.

The WavLink WL-UG76PD2, a 4K docking station lets you make a connection to your laptop only by using a USB Type-C connector and without any need to install the drivers.

WavLink WL-UG76PD2: Design

Design-wise, WL-UG76PD2 has solid, well-designed looks in a rectangular shape with dimensions 103 x 61 x 125mm. It stands on tiny rubber feet and has many air vents for cooling. It has a 100W (20V, 5A) power brick, which is nearly half in the size of the docking station.

It has four USB 3.0 connectors on the rear end, among which one supports Quick Charge 3.0, two HDMI ports among which one supports 2K, and another supports 4K. It also has an audio jack, an on/off switch, Type-C port which provides over 65W power, and a Gigabit Ethernet port,

It has a Kensington lock on one side, and please be noted that all of its ports are located on the rear end. However, you will find a lack of card reader and Type-C connector.

WavLink WL-UG76PD2: Performance

The WavLink WL-UG76PD2 has some similar features, like the ones in the Silicon SM768 graphics display system-on-chip. It has InstantView driverless docking technology, which lets the users mirror the screen of any of the laptops or Android phones for displaying the presentations without even needing to download a driver. You will get the drivers directly loaded from the docking station, where they get stored on an embedded USB flash drive. According to Silicon Motion’s claim, its Content Adaptive Technology (CAT) will reduce the CPU load by over 70%.

You will not require administrator access for letting the InstantView app work on any of the Windows devices. It has extended displays and offers support for the normal docking mode with drivers. On opening, it detects the monitor and docking station and then turns on the monitor automatically and clones the laptop screen on them.

Final Verdict

Yes, the WavLink WL-UG76PD2 does have some serious rivals offering more than it, in this competitive environment. Its relatively high priced and that too, when combined with a lower number of ports than expected, becomes its major drawback. As already discussed, there is also a lack of dual 4K HDMI ports, and also it only offers a one-year warranty. On the other hand, its rivals might have some more effective features and that too at a lesser price compared to it. There are also no front-facing ports, card readers, and only a single Type-C connector, and that too is used in the laptop for getting power to run.

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