A Complete Review on Elementor

Elementor is one of the most potent front-end website page builders that contributes to the creation of a WordPress page. It makes the creation of the WordPress page very easy. Elementor is one of the best website building add-ons available for WordPress. It has a wide range of different free to use widgets and templates. Elementor provides a clean and very interactive interface which helps in speeding up the process of building up the website. It also provides a live page editor that offers various suggestions for website building as well as works to fix up the mistakes.


Elementor shows you the outcome of the design made by you in real-time. It pairs up with any of the WordPress themes and doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or CSS coding. It has beneficial features like menus, a unique finder, and navigators.

In the below-mentioned titles, we have tried to discuss the plan, features, interface, and more of Elementor in detail. You may go through the titles to have a deep and better understanding of Elementor.

Elementor: Plans and Pricing

Elementor delivers both the free and paid versions. In the free version of Elementor, you get over 30 unique templates that you can use to make your website look more professional in terms of interface interactions. You can choose a built-in page editor and from over 40 widgets. Elementor has a vast number of website building plugins that can pair up with your WordPress themes.

The paid version is named Elementor Pro, and it comes with a lot of additional templates and a lot of other specified website features. You can opt for a different range of subscriptions. Each plan has a separate list of features.

The Personal package comes at the yearly costs of $49. To be precise, it is for one website only. The Personal package has over 50 professional widgets and 300 templates of Elementor Pro. The second plan is the Plus plan, which has a yearly cost of $99. It includes three websites. The third plan is the Expert plan, which costs $199 and is for 1,000 sites.

One of the best things about the free plan is that it has a drag and drop feature of Elementor. The drag and drop feature helps to create the websites quickly.

Elementor: Interface

Elementor has a very clean, interactive, and easy to figure out the interface. You will straightforwardly see “add a new section” or “add a new template” option whenever you will open the app. It also has a lot of elements, settings, and widgets to choose from. You can either use a pre-designed page and customize it or build up your page. You can add anything you want on your screen with the help of the interface’s drag and drop facility. Elementor allows you to see everything while you are building the website layouts. It also has an inline editing feature that checks for grammatical mistakes.


There are no doubts, Elementor is considered as one of the most prominent website building platforms. It has impressive features like the live editor, front-end page builder, and a vast number of pre-designed pages. With the help of Elementor, you can create your professional website. With the help of the front-end page builder, you can easily see what all is going on in real-time, rather than working blindly without having any idea of what kind of layout you are creating. Elementor is of great help to the people who are looking for a great website building add-on on WordPress.

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