A Comprehensive Guide about Forced Air Oven

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Forced air ovens are common in laboratories and even in houses and kitchens. What is a forced-air oven? Well, the forced air ovens are simple lab ovens with a fan. A common example is a baking oven. It also works as a forced air oven in some cases. In simple terms, a forced air oven is a convection baking oven.

But, the laboratory forced air ovens are not as simple as the simple domestic ovens. They are complex and are built to support multiple works and experiments. In this article, you will get a comprehensive guide about a forced-air oven.

Here is a small guide on how forced air ovens work-

  1. The working procedure

In a forced-air oven, a fan circulates the hot air current inside the oven chamber in a uniform way. The active and forced air circulation keeps the temperature inside the oven uniformly. As a result, the heat is transmitted inside the chamber equally.

The fan also blows forced and fast hot air over any product kept inside the oven. The hot air efficiently dries the product. Additionally, it prevents the cool air currents from gathering near the surface of the product. Hence, the heating procedure becomes faster and better.

A forced-air oven takes the air from the side and the back. The air then passes through the heater inside the oven and reaches the fan blower. It directs the air towards the product kept inside the chamber. The air usually goes in the horizontal pattern. It ensures every space inside the oven chamber is heated uniformly.

The oven has smaller and larger holes on both sides of the forced air oven. The small holes on the side force the hot air towards the larger holes on the opposite side. Hence, the continuous flow of hot air starts inside the chamber. The oven becomes a closed cavity with heated and re-circulated air. The air is always in contact with the product kept inside the chamber. So, it dries up faster and in a better way.

If you check the forced air ovens from close, you will see that the shelves usually do not block the smaller holes. It is necessary to keep the air circulation going inside the chamber.

The oven exhausts the air through the exhaust port on the top. Smaller domestic use forced air ovens to have small holes on their top or side. But, in the larger ovens, there is an exhaust port on the top of the oven.

If the oven needs to dry anything that contains a lot of moisture, the exhaust port can remain open. The open port allows the exhaust vent to work in its full capacity. It also allows the oven to replace the damp hot air with fresh dry, hot air for efficient drying.

How to maintain a forced air oven?

Forced air ovens are pretty simple machines, and they are also maintenance-friendly. In general, forced air ovens need minimum maintenance. The convection heat ovens use forced air circulation to dry things. It is easy to operate the machine.

But, the machine can suffer from serious damage if it does not get proper maintenance. Here is a small guide about the maintenance of the forced air ovens inside a lab.

Properly place the oven.

The most basic maintenance tip is to place the oven properly. If the machine does not have a proper position, it may not work efficiently. Hence, always try to place the oven inside a clean laboratory that has a picture-proof working room. Moisture can create corrosion in the machine.

The machine needs to have a proper space for ventilation. Hence, keep it at least four inches away from the walls. Additionally, make sure it has a space of 11 inches from the ceiling.

Check the power output.

The power output is essential in case of maintenance. Smaller ovens need a socket of 220V on the other hand; larger ovens often require 380V.

Follow the right arrangement for the samples.

Always make sure to follow proper instructions to place the samples inside the oven. The sample arrangement cannot be too dense. Try to keep them at a distance to make sure that each sample gets enough air to dry. Always wear protective gloves before touching or handling the gloves.

Clean the machine

If the machine has a type of spillage, make sure to clean it soon after the drying is complete. Make sure to clean the machine once in a while to keep it contamination-free.

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