A Descriptive Outline On Indian Wedding Invitation Cards!

Indians love celebrations and Indian weddings are grand scale celebrations. It is a biggest private event for any Indian and he invites friends and relatives for his wedding to share his happiness. Everything about the wedding and the scale of events are planned months in advance and even small details are looked into.

How would you announce a wedding? Of course, it is with a wedding card and it is indispensable for any small or big weddings. Indian marriage cards can be bought online or through the stores. Families sit together and detail out their preferences before getting a card. The card conveys a lot and it is definitely a style statement. So, a lot of homework is done before getting a card.

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards!

A card should necessarily convey the happy emotion of the hosts and at the same time it should be trending with the times and be attractive too. You will never face shortage of designs and patterns as the samples lined before you serve as proof. The first thing that arrests the attention of the guests is the colour of the card.

The colour preferences are based on religions. Hindus prefer to have blue, maroon, green and red for their cards. Christians prefer to have white cards while Sikhs also have preference to red.

Imagery In Cards!

Most cards of varied religions have images of gods in them. It is to invoke the blessings of the almighty for the onward journey of the bride and groom. Religious symbols and verses are also seen in the cards. Ganesha cards and Radhe Krishna are the two separate sections of cards available for the Hindus. You will come across the images of gods in various colour combinations.


You will not come across a single card even without a small design. This shows the prominence of designs in the card. Traditional motifs, ornate designs, rangoli designs, floral designs occupy some space in the cards. Self-embossed cards have designs spread out fully and to make the designs more beautiful you should go in for contrast colour combinations.

Printed Matter!

The font and ink used for the printed matter also has a role to play. Golden and silver hues are used for cards and most of the times contrast colour ink is used to highlight the written matter. A same font size or mixed fonts are used for the cards. So, when every small detail is taken care of the Indian marriage cards become beautiful.

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