A Descriptive Write Up On Indian Wedding Invitation Designs!

Wedding times are happy times for families. They willingly put in extra efforts to organise the event in a smooth way. Indian wedding dates are fixed six months in advance so the hosts get a lot of time to prepare for every celebration. Indian weddings are elaborate affairs so wedding planning need to be done beforehand taking into consideration all small details.

The wedding card is just not an official document announcing the wedding. It is printed to show the style statements of the family and the family considers it a very important document which mirrors their emotions well. Indian marriage card designs are carefully chosen and Indians in general have a liking for traditional designs. These traditional designs are timeless pieces and they have a matchless elegance.

Some Commonly Seen Indian Wedding Invitation Designs!

You will find images of peacock, gods, lotus, diyas, lanterns, wedding procession in the wedding cards. You can have a simple image or go for designs which are elaborate and colourful. Using your creativity, you can make the designs rich. You will never find a card without designs in Indian wedding cards. This shows their love for the use of designs from a long time.

Use Colours Wisely!

The characteristic feature of Indian designs is that golden or silver colours are used for the cards. As Indian cards are printed in maroon, green, blue, red, white, etc. these designs come out very well in the above-mentioned colours and the cards look striking. Indian marriage card designs are made richer with the use of semi-precious stones or stone in laid work. You can also use different colour combinations for the designs so that your designs stand out.

The hosts can go through a lot of samples before selecting the designs and the card. This will help them to get a clear idea of the trending designs. Today customization is very easy and you can create your own rangoli designs or geometric designs and ask the designers to incorporate them into the card. Some modern paintings can also be incorporated into the cards. You can even bring out your own paintings in the cards.

Designed Covers!

Initial designs are commonly seen in cards of all religions. The initials of the bride and groom are engraved in the cards. This design is seen in the centre of the card. You will come across carved designs at the edge of the cards. The same designs are used in the cover and in the card. If you are ready to spend a lot you can get a lot of designs made in the cards.

Author Bio: I am Kamal Nair and I wanted a beautiful card with rich traditional designs. I went through samples of Indian wedding invitation designs and I was amazed at the beautiful collection available.

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