A Few Things to Share with Your Photographer

“To know about the things that you need to tell your San Diego Photographer, kindly read this article now”.

The role of your wedding photographer on your big day is huge. He or she will create lasting memories of you as newlyweds, your family members, your friends, etc.

He or she will capture all the events throughout the day. But there are a few things that you need to discuss and tell your Southern California wedding photographer before the big day. If you have no clue about what I’m talking about, kindly read the rest of this article.

Share your love story: For your dream wedding pictures, you have to open up to the wedding photographer. You should tell him/her about how your love story started, where you met, your preferences as a couple, etc. It would help him or her tells and shares your love story through his pictures with the world. The right Southern California wedding photography is very important for your big day!

Wedding theme: If there is a theme that you have chosen, help your photographer visualize the same and plan the shots. There are various kinds of wedding themes these days, most of which are great for dreamy shots. If there is a particular color code of the wedding, let him/her know about the same as well.

Some of the most common wedding themes are forest wedding theme, beach wedding theme, vintage, rustic, romantic, bohemian, garden-style, etc.

Have a detailed discussion about the shoot list: If you want all the little details to be covered on the big day, then let the Southern California photographer know well in advance. It could be pictures of your wedding shoes and your dress, one with your bridesmaids while you sip on wine, etc. Trust your photographer and let him know every single detail so that there is no compromise on the big day. You have worked hard on every single detail, such as the seating cards, centerpieces, etc. If you need certain shots, give him the proper instructions. You should also discuss the shoot locations with him or her.

Set expectations: Your photographer must know all the important things. You should also tell them what to wear at the event and give them a time. To reduce unnecessary stress, arrange a meeting so that there are no hiccups at the last moment. You should also provide him or her with a point of contact. If you don’t want your photographer to come in his flip-flops and shorts, inform him.

Face sheet: Provide your San Diego photographer a face sheet with pictures of the guests along with their names and go through it with him. This is a great way to inform about the most important people. If any of your family members have mobility restrictions, then also you should inform him or her so that he or she can make some arrangements (chair, etc.).

The no-nos: You should also inform your photographer if there are a few pictures that you don’t want to be captured.

For example, the antics of your always drunk uncle, guests dancing frantically after a few vodka shots, etc. So these are a few things that you should tell your photographer so that there is no confusion.

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