A Five Step Guide to Installing Home Solar Panels

If you are thinking about having solar panels installed on your roof, knowing a bit of how that will go down will allow you to prepare for it properly. With more and more homes and commercial facilities switching to solar power, you have plenty of reasons to explore this option. Before you do, here’s a handy five-step guide to help you out. 

Choose Pros 

Before the project will even take off, you’ll need to hire a crew to install those panels. Look for a service provider that offers the help you need with those solar panels in Peoria. Find a trusted company and check out consumer responses and feedback. What kind of reputation does the firm have? Find out so you’ll be confident about your hiring decision. 

Prepare for the Site Visit 

Once you’ve picked a team, the next step is to prepare for the site visit. A credible company will always send a team to assess the site to see what they have to work on. They’ll get the measurements, inspect the roof and space. At this point, they’ll determine whether your roof is a good fit for solar panels or not. Some roof designs are stiff and some are too old to support the weight of the panels. You’ll need to fix everything before the installation can proceed. 

Work on Permits 

Once the inspection is done and you receive the go-to signal, then the firm will now move to securing the permits needed to install the panels on your roof. However, it’s a good idea to ask the firm beforehand if they’ll get the permits or not, just because not all companies handle this service for their clients. For greater convenience, though, you’ll want to pick one that does. The firm should also help you fill up the tremendous amount of paperwork that comes from having the panels installed. 

Set the Schedule

Once the paperwork and permits pull through, the next step is the actual installation. With the proper equipment, pros are well able to handle the work with ease. They know how to get it done in the safest way possible too, aware of the safety protocols and rules they need to follow and observe. Be sure to clear the clutter away from the area where the crew will be working. For instance, if they’ll use a room or the attic to get to the roof, be sure to clear those areas. Keep your pets and kids away in a part of the house, away from the site, so they won’t accidentally stumble into tools or equipment. 

Check and Inspect 

Lastly, once the installation has happened, make sure you check everything. Are there any signs of problems? List them down and communicate those problems to your service provider. Be on the lookout for any glaring issues. The best time to report them is now. Don’t wait too long. The sooner they get fixed, the better your system will run for the long term. Ready? Talk to the firm about what you can expect and more. 

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