A fondness for dark erotic lingerie — a symbol of men’s love of romance

Erotic underwear can be said to stimulate and assist people’s sexual desire a state of sexual existence, a life style with sexual artistic interest. It enhances your sexual desire by stimulating your partner’s eyes and senses. Have sexual life interest, know the art of sexual life, emotional. People pursue interest, that is, they should learn to enrich their sexual life with various artistic sexual life styles, and keep a healthy and upward sexual physiology and psychology for a long time, correctly learn to taste sexual life interest and the ability of distant culture. Of course, the use of erotic underwear is only to increase the sexual interest between the two sexes, girls want to catch a man’s heart, you have to observe what he likes

A fondness for dark erotic lingerie — a symbol of men’s love of romance

Men who like black erotic underwear, often intoxicated in the fantasy of love, black stands for mystery and Romance, black underwear has a dramatic solemn, noble, sexy charm, like black men, but also is also a kind of self-conceited, a bit self-righteous man, like to hide their true nature, he does not like to be known perspective, like to pretend mystery. They insist on maintaining their own unique taste and lifestyle. If your boyfriend fits the profile, you’ll go with black. In addition, black, can also be said to be the national color, because black and white, are the colors we most often come into contact with in our daily life, especially black, many people can actually accept black, because they have seen too much already got used to it, for Women who don’t know how to choose the color of their lingerie, you can always opt for black and show more skin.

A fondness for white erotic lingerie suggests that men like to be open, vivacious, and sexy

A man who likes white is a man who strives for perfection in everything. He tends to rely on his own feelings and emotions. He is narcissistic and tends to be very clean. He is very fastidious about people and things around him. He is very stylish and romantic, give him space and time, it is easier to catch his heart, tender and considerate can best move his heart, has a strong desire for women, no matter what you wear, as long as it is white, can arouse his impulse.

A fondness for red erotic lingerie suggests that men are thrill seekers

Red Symbolizes Heat, vitality, willpower, fire, passion. People who like red are usually full of passion and energy. He likes the erotic underwear of this color, indicating that he likes physical stimulation, and he likes new and exciting acts of love, and care about each other’s reactions, in addition to satisfy their own, also want to let each other satisfied.

A fondness for yellow erotic lingerie — as if it were a sign that men are fond of gentleness and the pursuit of happiness

Men who love yellow erotic lingerie show a dependence on their women, but this dependence is not a child’s dependence on their parents! This kind of man is very deep love for the woman, hope the woman can care about themselves, in love with the woman’s body is very fascinated, very like the woman to take the initiative to lead the whole sex, so he will enjoy.

Ok, now that I know what color lingerie men generally like, how do I choose the style?

1. If your chest is small, you can’t choose the cleavage of the sexy underwear, otherwise, you can’t hold up the part of the chest, and the cleavage doesn’t show, that would be embarrassing! Small-breasted women can choose to wear breast paragraph of erotic underwear, or belly pocket, this can play strengths.

2. If you have large breasts, don’t choose a belly pocket or a strapless breast, because if you have large breasts, wearing a belly pocket will make you look Taller and will affect the classic beauty of the belly pocket, and strapless breasts are not an option, because the chest big wear strapless, both sides high, the middle empty, ditch is exposed, but this unsightly, chest big wear exposed.

3. If your legs look good, opt for a skirt or jumpsuit that shows off your silky white legs, which will make a man drool.

4. If your legs don’t look great, wear stockings! No matter what kind of legs, a silk stockings, the moment into a beautiful sexy legs, stockings is the best leg decoration, this has long been recognized by everyone.

5. If you have a small waist, show it off by wearing tights, preferably hollow out fishnets.

6. If your waist is small and a bit thick, opt for a nightgown or a dress that embellishes your waist to bring out the best in yourself.

7. If you like simple, direct lingerie, you can choose to open crotch underwear thong t pants, or open crotch silk stockings and the like, sex can also be removed from the trouble Yo!

8. If you like to show him every part of your body, but are a little shy, then a see through outfit might be for you!

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