A Glimpse at Colours That Can Help Improve Workplace


Are you wondering what colour to paint your office? With so many choices, it could be challenging and overwhelming to choose the right shade. You probably have heard that different colours can evoke several feelings and behaviours. Yes, colours have the potential to influence our emotions. In fact, colour theory is used in arts to pair shades to create a particular effect or make it pleasing and beautiful. However, the idea of using colours to evoke particular emotion goes beyond art. Businesses are using it strategically to create a pleasant atmosphere that keeps their employees happy and productive.

Here’s a glimpse of colours that can help enhance your office space: –


Blue is a universal office colour. It is a calming colour that believed to lower blood pressure and slow breathing. However, colour psychologists have found that despite evoking tranquil feelings, blue tends to stimulate the mind. The combination of calming and stimulating is the reason why blue has been shown to boost productivity in workplace. This is why office painters Sydney suggest blue for offices where people need to focus more and get the work done.

Hence, painting your office with shades of blue can help ease the minds of employees, clients, and partners and help achieve your business goals. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to paint your office only blue. Try to incorporate more colours that suits blue.


Yellow is the most uplifting, inviting, and vibrant colour that helps people energised and collaborate with each other. If you want to create a vibrant atmosphere in your workplace, adding accents of yellow is a great idea. However, research show that yellow should be used in small doses as it is the least favourite colour for people. When used rightly, yellow can lift self-esteem and optimism. Use shades of yellow in areas where your employees do a lot of collaboration, creative work, and brainstorming.


It is no wonder green helps people calm down. Another interesting fact is that people can pick up shades of green than any other shades and feel better. Add more shades of green in lobby, break rooms, and areas where people tend to relax.


This is one of the best colours when it comes to office painting. Orange is an ideal colour for any workplace that look for ways to boost its productivity. Study shows that orange rooms improved productivity than white and red offices. In addition to it, orange is believed to impart the idea of enthusiasm, activity, and endurance.


If you want to grab people’s attention, then there is no better colour than red. However, red has both positive and negative undertones. So, you should be very careful while using shades of red in your office. Don’t overdo with red colours as it can negatively affect your employee’s mood that impacts the productivity.

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