A glimpse of the future?

NBA 2K22 features so many cruise ships. There are so many NBA 2K22 MT cruise ships! There’s a cruise ship on the MyCareer mode that is amazing. But MyTeam mode is a different story. MyTeam mode lets you play on the courts located on a cruise ship too!

NBA 2K22 is reminiscent of the actual NBA. The graphics, display and announcers all offer an image of a realistic NBA game. Some people might be walking by and be able to imagine that NBA 2K22 is in fact the NBA. This is how great the game appears.

A glimpse of the future? It’s an interesting approach to revamp a sports game that you know will get a lot of sales, especially one that comes after two subpar versions of NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21. This one feels a little different and could be an indication of how sports games must always try for ways to make themselves better when they are able.

There’s been no time in NBA history has video games been more prominently mentioned in the discourse around NBA players like they do today. Whether one likes it or not the 2K player score constitutes a total evaluation of a player. Therefore, it’s not surprising that players on the Utah Jazz and beyond are invested in what their magic number ends up being.

To some, it may feel a little silly. To others, the game itself 2K MT is too similar to an actual basketball simulation to be taken seriously. No matter where one stands there are plenty of examples of players who are concerned about their 2K rating.

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