A Guide on The Concept of CSP and The Reasons to Opt for A SBI CSP Apply

These days the talk amidst rural educated youth is about the Digital India CSP and the bank mitra concept introduced by the Indian banking industry. Hence, it is natural that you would desire to show some interest and alongside the buzz of it being a career prospect should excite you all the more. You are perhaps on the lookout for a career prospect closer to home and the thought of migration to the big city is dreadful.

We would like to say that by operating as a bank mitra at the village level, you can build up a nice career prospect closer to home. We would like to say with conviction that the earnings prospects of a bank mitra are more than plenty of the city based jobs. Hence, there is certainly no compromise on your career and income prospects.

What precisely is your role here?

You could be left wondering about the functions of a bank mitra and the CSP concept. We would like to say that it is about offering formal banking services deep into the hinterlands of India. A large portion of our country is yet to receive the benefits of formal banking and the Digital India CSP concept is just about bringing this population into the formal economy. As a bank mitra your role will be to convince this population about the benefits of formal banking and help them to open accounts. Your customer base may just be a bit illiterate and hence there is a need to help them out in the process.

What is a CSP?

It is until now we have defined the role of a bank mitra, but the term CSP may just sound a bit odd. The term stands for a customer service point and this place can be your office. It can also double up as the mini bank location. There are plenty of banks offering the bank mitra and CSP theme as a career alternative. However, if you take our advice we would insist on the need to opt for a SBI CSP Apply. It is just simple that the SBI brand is easy to sell. You would desire a smooth start to your banking operations and with the big boy of India banking by your side, it should be easy.

Is there any criterion to apply?

You would love to apply for the post of bank mitra and a check on the criterion is essential. It is nothing big and you will need to be educated. One will have to be unemployed also and this is a strict criterion. There is focus on computer literacy of the bank mitra applicant because the application will have to be sent online. It is alongside that you will have to get a NOC from the local police. The SBI CSP Apply  criterion is complete and now if you have some retail space at some distance from any recognized bank branch, you are free to operate. It is alongside offering banking you can sell Insurance policies for LIC and also pension plans. The commissions for offering these services are lucrative and you must quickly apply.

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