A Guide: To Buy and Hang Wind Chimes In Right Direction

Wind chimes are practical outdoor accessories that generate a soothing sound, give humans positive energy, and reduce their stress. Wind Chime is usually used to attract positive vibes and eliminate mental illness or negative energies. But, it is challenging to select the perfect wind chime and the right direction or space to hang wind chimes.

We will draw your attention to various wind chimes and help you find the right direction to hang your wind chime. Let’s know more about the materialistic wind chimes.

  • Metal Wind Chimes
  • Bamboo/Wooden Wind Chimes
  • Ceramic Wind Chimes
  • Places to Put Your Wind Chimes

Metal Wind Chimes

Get good wealth for your office area or home with metal wind chimes. Slowing down or reducing the negative energy with their soft metal sound is highly beneficial. These wind chimes can be made with aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and silver, producing bright or peaceful sounds. The metal wind chime is designed to drop negative vibes or energy in your home. At UpBlend Outdoors, you can buy our high quality wind chimes online, as they have a wide range of wind chimes.

Bamboo / Wooden Wind Chimes

When bamboo rods hit each other through wind, they produce gentle sounds. This bamboo wind chime creates a calm environment that is filled with positive energy or bounces negative energy. It generates a sense of security in your house when bamboo wind chimes hang in the home. These wind chimes are the ideal choice for the kid’s bedroom because it produces a piece of soothing or pleasant music. You can also hang bamboo wind chimes outside the home or garden area. Bamboo and wooden wind chime are available on various sites, so if you don’t have enough time to market, order them online from our website.

Ceramic Wind Chimes

Pottery wind chimes are another name for ceramic wind chimes because they are generally crafted with glass, pottery, and ceramic. Wind chimes are a real showpiece or antique for your home or shop. It is highly effective to bring knowledge, health, and romance luck into your house. Ceramic wind chimes have various styles, and it is also very cost-effective. It is ideal for hanging in the outdoor environment to add some melodies.

Places to Put Your Wind Chimes

West: Wind chimes bring positivity in behavior or prosperity in the home if they place or hung in the western area of your house. It also helps to enhance your children’s academic performance, wealth, and health.

Northwest: In the northwest area of your home, put hollow wind chimes perfect to attract chi power. To get help in success in your life, use metal wind chimes that attract inspirational, motivational, and influential people with their peaceful sound.

Southwest: A wind chime of two-rod or nine-rod is best to place in the southeast area of the house. It is made with crystal and ceramic, which will highly circulate the positive energy and attract more people, which improve your friend circle.

North: If you want to add more good luck in your career, then hang a six-rod wind chime, which is specially made with metal, in the north area of your home. The area north of your house easily attracts water and metal and brings good luck to your life.

Staircase: Hang a wind chime at the end of the stairs to bring wealth to your life and career. And if you are a shopkeeper, then you must hang a wind chime in the middle of the entrance door to attract guests or customers.

Today, the popular decoration of homes or gardens is wind chimes. Since their melodies sound has a positive effect on the energy and environment of living space. Are you looking for a wind chime shop? We provide you with a massive range of wind chimes at UpBlend Outdoors. You must read our blogs or Instagram posts to know more about wind chimes.

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